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Is Topgolf in Baltimore Dangerous?

Topgolf is a great destination for golfers and friends to have a fun night. the facilities are state of the art, and combining golf, food, and drinks in one room is a great way for everyone to have fun. However, mixing drinks and athletics can be dangerous, and the facilities must be kept in clean, safe condition to prevent injuries. If there are problems with upkeep or dangerous activities on the premises, Topgolf might be responsible for any injuries those dangers cause.

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Common Injuries at Topgolf in Baltimore

Sitting at a driving range with friends while you have a few drinks and share a meal can be fun. However, the facilities must be kept safe and patrons must be kept in check to ensure everyone’s safety. Combining drinking and the swinging of a metal club can become dangerous if golfers are not kept in line. Moreover, the premises at any bar or restaurant can become dangerous if there are spills or broken glass. Injuries caused by these kinds of issues might be pinned on Topgolf in court.

The premises at any restaurant, sports facility, or other establishment must be kept reasonably clean and safe for patrons. If you slip and fall because of spilled drinks, dropped food, or broken plates or glasses, you might suffer back injuries, neck injuries, and broken bones in the fall. Lack of safety nets and guards to protect diners from golf balls and clubs that slip out on the backswing could also be considered dangerous premises. Additionally, broken handrails, unlit steps in the building, or even icy sidewalks and parking lots on the premises could be too dangerous.

Golfers at Topgolf must be kept reasonably safe from themselves and other patrons. If Topgolf workers see a patron who appears too drunk to continue golfing safely, it might be negligent not to ask them to sit down or leave the premises. Similarly, if they allow someone to golf after they arrive to the premises drunk or otherwise unable to safely swing a golf club, this could lead to serious injuries. Topgolf might also be responsible for injuries if they fail to step in to stop unsafe trick shots or other swings that might be dangerous.

The gear provided at Topgolf must also be safe for use. Dangerous or broken clubs can snap, causing injuries.

Suing Topgolf for Injuries in Baltimore

If you were hurt at Topgolf, you might be able to sue them for injuries. Determining who is responsible for injuries in a situation like this requires looking at the applicable legal principles and the facts of what happened. it is important to have a lawyer review your case.

Topgolf might be responsible for negligence involving safety on the premises, employee negligence, unsafe acts on their premises, and unsafe equipment. To prove that they were responsible for an injury, your lawyer must prove four elements of your case:

  • Topgolf owed you a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent injuries.
  • Topgolf breached that duty by failing to use the proper care or skill necessary.
  • Topgolf’s breach of duty caused your injuries.
  • You suffered lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages the court can order compensation for.

The laws in Baltimore are very strict about “contributory negligence.” To win a lawsuit for damages, you must be able to prove that the defendant was wholly responsible for the accident. If Topgolf accuses you of sharing responsibility for your own injuries, this could hurt your case. Your lawyer can help control the narrative and argue that Topgolf and its employees were 100% liable and help avoid any claims that you were partly at fault.

Who is at Fault for Injuries at Topgolf in Baltimore?

In many accidents, the employees and managers on site will be responsible for what happened. If you were injured because of poor upkeep or conditions at Topgolf, it is the employees’ job to fix those issues and keep patrons safe. When an employee is directly responsible for an injury, you can usually hold their employer responsible. That means that even if the employees caused the injuries, you can usually sue the company they work for: Topgolf.

If you were injured because of dangerous equipment or setups at the location, Topgolf as a company might be directly responsible. Failing to install safety nets or company-wide policies to keep people safe might be an overall failure of Topgolf itself that you can take the business to court for. the same is true if Topgolf hands out dangerous or defective clubs and other gear.

Injuries caused by other patrons might be that individual patron’s fault. If someone gets drunk and throws a golf club, they could be held responsible for the injuries it causes. If Topgolf should have interceded or told the patron to leave the premises before the injury occurred, they could share fault. This might mean you can sue both the individual patron and Topgolf for your injuries.

If you were injured in an accident at Topgolf in Baltimore, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras today. Injuries at Topgolf have been reported at other locations, and the facts of those cases might help us show that Topgolf was negligent in your case or that injuries and safety flaws are a big problem. If your injuries were severe, you could be entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call our attorneys for injuries that occurred at Topgolf in Baltimore today to set up a free case consultation. Our number is (410) 694-7291.