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What to Do if Your are Injured at a Topgolf in Maryland

Topgolf can be a fun place to go with friends to hit some balls, have some beers, and enjoy a night out. However, potentially dangerous conditions on the premises, lacking safety gear, or drunk patrons could cause serious injuries that leave people with expensive medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Injuries at Topgolf in Maryland Caused by Dangerous Premises

If you were injured because of some built-in danger at Topgolf, you might be able to sue for damages. Additionally, temporary dangers from negligent cleaning or upkeep at the building can also cause Topgolf to be responsible for many injuries.

Topgolf’s Maryland locations should be safe for patrons. This means installing safety nets to catch flying balls and clubs, having handrails to keep people from falling off stairs or balconies, and keeping walkways away from peoples’ backswings. If any missing equipment or dangerous arrangements constitute an unreasonable danger, Topgolf might be responsible for injuries caused by these dangers.

Servers and other workers at Topgolf also need to make sure that the premises are properly cleaned up and kept safe for patrons. Spilled drinks and dropped food can cause slipping hazards. Broken plates and glass can cause cuts and puncture wounds if patrons step on them. Even ice and snow outside the building can cause slip and fall injuries. Topgolf should take care to clean and repair these dangers, or else patrons could be injured.

Injuries from Drunk and Rowdy Patrons at Topgolf in Maryland

If your experience at Topgolf was interrupted by drunk or rowdy patrons and you were injured because of it, you might be able to sue the at-fault parties. the individuals who caused you injury could be personally responsible for those injuries. On top of this, if Topgolf shared responsibility by allowing the injuries to happen, they might also share liability.

People are responsible for their own actions, which means that if someone else hits you with a ball or a club, they might be held accountable for that. Some mistakes are bound to happen with golf, and people should expect that they might be hit by a stray ball or something like that occasionally. However, golfers who throw clubs, balls, food, drinks, and other things should be held accountable for any injuries that result. Similarly, someone who assaults you with a golf club or their hands at a Topgolf should be held accountable.

If a patron was very drunk and allowed to stay at Topgolf, Topgolf employees might share liability for any injuries that that person causes themself or others. Topgolf could also be held accountable if they fail to step in and ask an aggressive or dangerous patron to leave. Swinging clubs near other people or dangerously throwing clubs and balls around should not be tolerated. If patrons who do this are permitted to stay, Topgolf might share responsibility for injuries that they cause.

Topgolf could also share responsibility for accidents caused by dangerous or broken clubs or other equipment, even if another patron actually swung the club.

Suing Topgolf for Injuries in Maryland

If you were injured at a Topgolf in Maryland, you might be entitled to compensation. A lawsuit can be the best way to receive compensation rather than relying on any settlement offers or insurance payments from Topgolf or their representatives.

In an insurance claim against Topgolf’s liability insurance, you might be able to receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages. However, these damages might not cover 100% of the damages. Instead, filing a lawsuit in court can help you claim all damages you faced because of the injury. A lawsuit can also include additional damages, such as compensation for pain and suffering.

When you file your initial lawsuit, Topgolf might have their insurance company or legal team respond. Even before you file your case, these parties might approach you to try to offer you a settlement or shut down your claim quickly. it can be tempting to take a settlement offer right away, but you should always have a lawyer review your case first. Many settlement offers are too low, and your case should be reviewed by a lawyer who represents you before you accept any money. If you do accept a settlement, it will usually block you from going to court to get additional compensation.

When you go to court over injuries, your lawyer will handle most of your case. If you need to, you will be able to testify in depositions and in court to explain what happened. Any other evidence you have, such as pictures, an accident report from Topgolf, or statements from witnesses can also be used to prove your case.

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