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No one thinks a car accident will happen until it does. In the aftermath, our attorneys can help you pursue compensation while you focus on your physical recovery.

Depending on the case, we might have to reconstruct your recent accident to prove its cause. To do this, our lawyers and a crash reconstruction expert will review evidence from the accident, such as photos of property damage and impact points. We can use our reconstruction of the crash as leverage during settlement negotiations, which typically follow after victims sue negligent drivers in Augusta. We will help you navigate these discussions and only advise you to accept a fair offer. Because serious injuries like head, back, facial, internal, and soft tissue injuries are common in accidents, accepting anything less than a good settlement is typically unwise.

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How to Reconstruct a Car Crash in Augusta, GA

Statements from accident reconstruction experts can be some of the best evidence in car accident claims. Our lawyers will need additional evidence, such as photos from the accident scene in Augusta, to reconstruct accidents.

Car accident reconstruction might be necessary if there are few or no witnesses to the accident or the victim has difficulty remembering what happened. Furthermore, if the accident was especially chaotic or involved multiple drivers, accident reconstruction could be crucial to determine who exactly is liable for the victim’s injuries.

When piecing together collisions, our lawyers and accident reconstruction experts can review property damage to involved vehicles, the point of impact between vehicles, tire marks, debris, and footage or photos from the scene. Preserving this evidence so that we can eventually review it is important, so victims should call 911 so officers can complete an accident report. Victims can also photograph damage to involved vehicles, so we have that information.

Accident reconstruction can determine the sequence of events preceding an accident and a crash’s cause. After reconstructing the collision, an expert can present their findings to a jury. Their testimony might compel the jury to decide the defendant’s fault, especially when additional evidence supports an expert’s statements.

Tips for Navigating Car Accident Settlements in Augusta, GA

Although many car accident cases settle out of court, victims should not rush this process, even if they need compensation fast. Our attorneys can prepare you for upcoming settlement negotiations so that you know what to expect.

Injury cases are very personal and emotional for victims, which could lead to problems during settlement negotiations. While it is natural to be offended by a lowball offer, it is important to remain calm. Our attorneys can respond to low settlement offers with counteroffers supported by proof of your damages. If you rush into a settlement, you might not be compensated for all your damages.

That said, you should not let settlement negotiations drag on for too long. Our car accident lawyers will determine if negotiations are stalling and when you should proceed with a trial. You can decide to go to court at any point before officially agreeing to a settlement for a car crash in Augusta.

Victims should allow our lawyers to head settlement negotiations for several reasons, one of which is Georgia’s comparative fault laws. During discussions about the event, victims might unintentionally misspeak and accept partial fault for an accident. Under O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33, that could result in less compensation for some victims. By overseeing negotiations, our lawyers will ensure you do not misspeak or indicate you share fault for the collision.

Car Accident Injuries that Require Compensation in Augusta, GA

Car accidents are often traumatic, resulting in catastrophic injuries for victims. While injuries vary, some are more common than others. Whether your injuries seem serious or minor, you should get immediate medical treatment after an auto accident.

Head Injuries

Head injuries from car accidents vary. Victims might sustain mild or serious concussions from impact on surfaces inside the car or an airbag. Head-on collisions present an increased risk for head injuries, especially when cars roll over, or there is a secondary impact. Being ejected from one’s vehicle also presents the risk of a devastating head injury from impact on the road. Some traumatic brain injuries sustained in accidents might be permanent, forever affecting a victim’s quality of life. Head injuries are also a top cause of fatalities from car accidents.

Back Injuries

Back, neck, and spinal injuries are also common. Such injuries might happen when victims are ejected from their vehicles. Side-impact, T-bone, and crushing accidents often lead to back and spinal cord injuries. Serious spinal cord injuries could paralyze victims, making them need extensive physical therapy. Costs associated with life-long physical therapy for spinal cord injuries should be covered in a victim’s compensation claim.

Facial Injuries

Airbag deployment might cause facial injuries, like a broken nose. Broken glass from windows or windshields might cause facial injuries that lead to blindness for victims. Facial injuries could happen during any car crash, from a rear-end collision to a T-bone accident.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries can happen because of seat belt compression and penetrating injuries from debris or shrapnel. These injuries are more common in high-impact accidents that happen at fast speeds. Victims might not notice internal injuries right away, which is why getting medical care is crucial, even if you feel physically fine. Internal injuries could otherwise worsen, leading to internal bleeding, organ failure, and possibly death.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries like whiplash are exceedingly common in car accidents, especially rear-end accidents. Often seen as a minor injury compared to others, whiplash typically requires treatment and can worsen if left unattended.

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