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In the aftermath of destructive motorcycle accidents, victims can hold negligent drivers accountable by filing lawsuits in Augusta.

Motorcycle accidents happen regularly in Augusta, with over 100 taking place in 2022 alone. The causes of these accidents typically boil down to negligence on another driver’s behalf. When such accidents happen, victims should instantly call local law enforcement. They should then visit the hospital directly from the accident location so as not to invite questions about the cause of their injuries. Our lawyers will then start collecting evidence that supports your case, such as your medical records, photos from the crash site, videos from nearby surveillance systems, and witness statements.

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Motorcycle Accident Data for Augusta, GA

Augusta’s combination of highways, residential roads, and busy streets make it a somewhat risky area for motorcycle accidents.

According to information pooled using the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Crash Data Dashboard, there were 111 motorcycle-related accidents in Augusta in 2022. Of those accidents, 11 were fatal, and 80 injured victims.

The causes of these accidents varied, but aggressive driving accounted for 22 accidents in Augusta during that same period.

Some of Augusta’s most popular highways, like I-520, and other major roads, like Routes 78, 25, and 1, are common locations for motorcycle accidents. Negligent drivers might speed down highways and ignore smaller vehicles on the road, like motorcycles.

Motorcycle accidents might, and often do, happen on smaller roads throughout Augusta, especially poorly maintained ones. Large potholes or other road hazards might cause single-vehicle motorcycle crashes that result in serious injury.

Nationwide, motorcycle accident fatalities accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2020, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the same dataset, 82,528 motorcyclists were injured across the country during that same year. To avoid injury as much as possible, motorcyclists should follow O.C.G.A. § 40-6-315(a), which requires helmet use for all motorcyclists in Georgia.

Steps to Take Following Motorcycle Accidents in Augusta, GA

You should immediately call 911 to report an accident if injured as a motorcyclist. You should also take several other steps, such as going to the hospital.

Under O.C.G.A. § 40-6-273, involved parties must report motor vehicle accidents that cause injury, death, or property damage of more than $500. So, if you are hurt, you must call 911. Police officers can efficiently process the scene and compile all necessary information, including the negligent driver’s name and insurance details. We can help get the police report from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office within several days of the accident.

Do not leave the scene before speaking with the police, even if the other driver involved leaves. If you have to go straight to the hospital, law enforcement officers might contact you in the future for more information.

When victims call 911 to report motorcycle accidents, both the police and emergency medical service may arrive at the scene. You should accept the emergency medical care offered to you and go directly to the emergency room. Motorcycle accidents could cause various injuries, ranging from obvious ones like broken bones to more elusive ones like internal injuries. If you delay medical care, your injuries might worsen.

Not calling 911 or getting immediate medical care could jeopardize your future claim. For example, if you sue for serious injury but did not go to the hospital until days after the accident, that could pose an issue with your recovery.

Evidence to Use in Your Augusta, GA Compensation Claim for a Motorcycle Accident

It is important to review the types of evidence our motorcycle accident lawyers commonly use when proving negligence, as access to some of that evidence could depend on a victim’s actions following a crash.

Medical Records

Medical documentation is crucial evidence in injury claims, so do not allow for any gaps in your treatment. Get all necessary surgeries, and do not push yourself physically as you recover from motorcycle accident injuries. To make sure your injuries are not questioned during your case, stay off of the internet and do not discuss your injuries with anyone other than our lawyers and your doctors.


Victims can preserve evidence left from an accident by photographing it. Pictures of property damage, the point of impact, debris on the road, and tire marks can help determine an accident’s cause. We can also give these pictures to a crash reconstruction expert, who can then testify to the accident’s cause in court.

Surveillance Footage

Augusta’s downtown area is full of businesses that might have surveillance systems. Depending on the accident’s location, we can see if surveillance footage exists. In addition to security camera footage, there might be traffic camera or dashcam footage of the crash, which we can obtain through a simple request or subpoena. The video footage could get deleted as time passes, so victims should not wait to obtain it.

Witness Testimony

People who witness motorcycle accidents often have a different perspective or vantage point than victims, allowing them to see more of what happens. Because of this, eyewitnesses might help our lawyers fill in certain blanks in your case. To benefit from eyewitness statements, our lawyers will prioritize interviewing witnesses immediately.

Victim Testimony

Sometimes, testifying in court can allow victims to better express their pain and suffering to a jury. Our lawyers can prepare you to give a statement in court, just as we will prepare you for possible depositions earlier in your case so that you feel comfortable testifying. Maintaining consistency throughout all statements you make about the accident, whether to the police or the jury, will be crucial.

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