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Injuries at a casino can range from slip and fall injuries to serious injuries caused by assault.  If you were hurt while visiting a casino in Baltimore, Rice, Murtha & Psoras’s personal injury lawyers might be able to help with your case.  Our Baltimore lawyer for injuries that occurred in a casino has decades of experience representing injury victims and fighting to get them the compensation they need for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Call our attorneys today to discuss your case in a free legal consultation.  If you were injured at a casino, you might be entitled to file a lawsuit against the at-fault individuals as well as the casino that allowed you to be injured on their premises.  For your free case consultation, call our attorneys today at (410) 694-7291.

Suing a Casino for Injuries in Baltimore

Casinos are responsible for much of what goes on on their premises.  If their staff is not properly prepared to prevent injuries by cleaning up spills and preventing dangerous security situations, people can be seriously injured.  In these cases where the casino shared some responsibility for the injuries, the casino should be liable for damages.  If the injuries you suffered do not involve the casino’s mistakes in one of the following ways, you might still be entitled to sue for the injuries, you just might have to file your claim against the individual who injured you.  This is common in cases involving assault and battery or sexual assault.  However, the casino might be responsible for any of the following issues:

Premises Liability

One of the main ways that casinos are held liable for injuries is because their staff was negligent.  Like any bar, store, or other place open to patrons, the owner of the property is responsible for cleaning up any hidden dangers on the property to prevent injuries.  In a casino, a spilled drink or dropped items could cause a slipping or tripping hazard, and it is up to the casino’s custodial staff to put up caution signs and clean up these spills and other dangers.  More serious injuries can occur if the staff fails to repair serious dangers, such as broken stairs or railings or structural weaknesses in floors or balconies that could lead to a collapse.

Assault by Casino Staff

Casinos can also be held responsible for injuries their staff members cause through intentional acts.  Assault by bartenders or dealers is not unheard of, and the casino can often be held liable for injuries their workers cause.  Additional issues can occur if security workers go too far.

Casino security workers are not like police, and they do not have legal authorization to use force to subdue a patron except in cases of self-defense.  This means that if a casino security officer put their hands on you or caused you serious injuries in an attempt to defuse a situation or escort you off the premises, they might have committed assault and battery.  If they were working in their role as a casino security officer, the casino might be on the hook for the injuries they caused.

The casino could also be partly responsible for hiring a dangerous worker or an employee they should have known was dangerous.

Negligent Security

On the other end of the spectrum, casinos can be responsible for failing to intervene when proper security standards require intervention.  Security workers do not usually have a duty to jump to the rescue like police officers might, but they should be required to step in in some dangerous situations, and they might be required to take steps to prevent extremely intoxicated patrons from entering the premises, to keep people who have been banned or kicked out from re-entering, and to prevent people from entering with dangerous weapons.  If they fail to do so, you might be able to hold the casino responsible for negligent security.

Damages for Injuries in a Baltimore Casino

If you were injured by someone else’s negligent acts or omissions, you could be entitled to sue them for damages.  The damages that you can claim in your injury case will depend heavily on the facts of your case and what specific injuries you suffered, but the following types of damages are usually available:

Medical Expenses

If your injuries required medical treatment, you can usually sue for the costs of those expenses.  Emergency medical care could be necessary after some injuries, especially if you suffered a serious fall or were the victim of assault and battery.  After the initial injury treatment, you might also require ongoing medical care, such as follow-up appointments, rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and perhaps even home nursing care.  These costs can be extremely expensive, but they should also be covered if they occurred in your case.

Lost Wages

Your ability to work to support yourself and your family is often affected by a serious injury.  Even if you only have to take a couple of days off work while in the hospital, you could miss income that is important to you and your family.  In more serious cases, an injury could keep you from returning to work for a long time, require you to take a lower-paying job with less physically demanding tasks, or even prevent you from returning to work at all.  If you missed work or will miss ongoing future wages, you can usually claim damages for this economic injury from the person who caused your physical injuries.

Pain and Suffering

If you suffered injuries, you probably feel pain, mental suffering, and emotional anguish from the injury.  In addition, if the injury keeps you from doing activities you used to love, it can be hard on you.  These damages might not be monetary, but they can also be compensated and can often total a large portion of the damages you are entitled to.

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