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Flatbed trucks can carry tons of cargo strapped down to the flatbed.  Often used for construction materials and other loose materials, these trucks could have cargo come loose, causing huge accidents and risks to other drivers on the road.  On top of that, the size and weight of these vehicles often make them dangerous to other cars because of simple driving errors.

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Causes of Flatbed Truck Crashes in Baltimore

Flatbed trucks are often used to haul construction materials, such as long pipes or beams.  These trucks are very similar to logging trucks in that the materials are often simply strapped down to the surface of the truck with no tailgate to hold them from sliding off the back end.  it is rare for materials to slip off the back of the truck and cause a crash, but these accidents do happen, especially if the truck is first involved in another accident and then loses its cargo because of the damage.  Even if the bulk of the materials remain in place, drivers behind the truck could still be injured by debris or smaller pieces of cargo that break off and fall off the truck.

In addition to accidents caused by cargo coming loose, large flatbed trailer trucks are often involved in other accidents caused by various problems with the truck.  Since these flatbed trucks often carry oddly shaped or irregular cargo, the truck could be affected by crosswinds or poor aerodynamics, making it even harder to control than a tractor-trailer.  Additionally, other equipment problems like dangerous tires or poorly maintained lights could also lead to an accident.

Crashes can also occur because of driver error.  Truck drivers are responsible for their vehicles, and they must be prepared to deal with the size and reduced visibility issues.  If a truck driver crashes into a driver in their blind spot, the truck driver will likely be responsible for the crash.  Moreover, the truck driver must follow traffic laws, meaning they must signal when changing lanes, stop at stop signs and red lights, drive under the speed limit, avoid distractions, and avoid driving under the influence.

Flatbed trucks can also cause accidents when they are unloaded.  the flat, narrow bed of a flatbed truck can often be difficult to see, and the corners might stick out farther than anticipated.  If a driver changes lanes and clips the corner of the truck bed, they could cause an accident that might even involve other innocent drivers.

Damages for Flatbed Truck Accidents in Baltimore, MD

Victims of trucking accidents are often entitled to substantial financial compensation for the harms they suffered in the accident.  Because a large truck like a flatbed trailer truck can weigh so much more than a normal sedan or SUV, the damage to the other driver and their car is often far more severe than the damage the truck driver faced.  In these kinds of crashes, a victim could suffer serious injuries that require intensive medical care, lead to lost wages at work, and cause substantial pain and suffering.

Medical expenses for a truck accident can be claimed at their full value.  These damages can cover any medical care costs related to the accident, such as care at the scene by EMTs, surgery and emergency medical care at the hospital, additional surgeries and follow-up care, rehabilitation, and physical therapy.  For victims who suffer serious, permanent injuries or disabilities, the compensation claimed can be quite high.

Damages for lost wages can be claimed to cover the wages from any work that you missed because of your injuries.  the wages missed while you recovered from your injuries can make up most of these damages, but if your injuries were so severe that you have to take a lower-paying job or stop working altogether to cope with the injuries, you can also claim ongoing and future lost wages.

The damages for pain and suffering are somewhat abstract.  it is impossible for someone else to truly know how much pain you are in, and it is difficult to put a monetary value on physical pain and mental suffering.  However, your testimony can be a valuable tool to help the jury understand what you are going through and how much the injuries affected you and your life.  Additionally, testimony about activities you can no longer enjoy and tasks you now need help with can also help you prove how your quality and enjoyment of life was affected by the injury.  the court can order the at-fault driver to pay damages for these intangible harms as well as the purely economic damages you suffered.

When you claim damages in a truck accident case in Baltimore, you can often claim them against the trucking company that hired the driver instead of against the individual driver.  As long as the crash occurred when they were performing their work duties (i.e., driving a truck), their employer should be financially responsible for any injuries they caused.

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