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Baltimore Lawyer for Injuries in a Rental Car Accident

Rental cars are convenient when you are on vacation or traveling for business. Because you may be unfamiliar with the vehicle or the area where you are driving, the risk of accidents might increase. it is also possible that you could be involved in a collision with a tourist driving in the Baltimore area in a rental car. Any automobile accident could result in injuries ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to more severe lacerations and wounds, and in some catastrophic situations, death.

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Baltimore Car Accidents Involving Rented Vehicles

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of driving. People driving a rental car in the Baltimore area might not be familiar with the traffic patterns, the roadways, or the vehicle they are driving, potentially increasing the risk of an accident. If you were involved in an accident involving a rental car you were driving or if you were hit by another driver in a rented vehicle, you should contact our Baltimore rental car accident attorney once you have dealt with the immediate aftermath of the crash.

After an accident involving a rental car, you should take the same immediate steps as you would in any other car crash. First, get medical attention for anyone who sustained any injuries, even minor ones. Be sure to call the Baltimore police so they can create a detailed accident report. Additionally, take photos of the damage, if possible, and exchange contact and insurance information with anyone involved in the accident. Finally, if there were any eyewitnesses, be sure to get statements from them and write down their contact information.

Liability in Rental Car Accidents in the Baltimore Area

Liability in crashes involving rental vehicles works very similarly to accidents involving other vehicles. In most instances, the driver of the car causing the collision is liable for any damage and injuries sustained. Our Baltimore lawyers will examine several factors to determine if the other driver was acting negligently or driving recklessly. For example, failing to stop at a traffic light, texting while driving, or recklessly tailgating could all directly contribute to an accident.

While the fault of an accident usually lies with one of the drivers involved, there are instances when the rental company could be held responsible for damages or injuries. For example, a claim against the rental company may be appropriate if there was a known, dangerous defect with the car that they failed to address or if the rental agency failed to respond to a vehicle recall notice. Additionally, if the rental agency was negligent in completing adequate background checks of the driver, the company might be held liable. For instance, renting a car to an individual after failing to learn that their driver’s license was revoked for multiple DUIs could be a basis for a lawsuit against the rental company if the driver in their car caused the crash.

Maryland follows the contributory negligence doctrine for personal injury cases. This means that if your actions contributed to the accident in any way, you might not be able to collect compensation for your injuries. For instance, if a jury found that your driving played even the smallest role in the accident, you will not be awarded damages. Our Baltimore personal injury lawyers are familiar with this standard and will put forth the best case possible to avoid counterclaims and defenses based on contributory negligence.

Paying for Damages and Getting Insurance Coverage for Rental Car Accidents in the Baltimore Area

Figuring out what your car insurance will cover and determining who is going to pay for damages can be tricky in an automobile accident. When the accident involves a rental car and their “extra insurance,” things can become more complex. Usually, the driver who was at fault for a collision will pay for any damages through their insurance coverage.

A rented vehicle can be insured in several different ways: the driver’s insurance might provide the necessary coverage, extra insurance might have been purchased through the rental agency, and, in some instances, the driver may be insured through the credit card that was used to pay for the rental car. When multiple insurance companies are involved, they each could attempt to shift the financial burden from one insurer to the other. Our Baltimore attorney will help you navigate the layers of insurance companies involved in your case.

Damages from Accidents Involving Rental Vehicles in Baltimore, MD

Any collision between two or more vehicles could result in serious injuries. Depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, you might be facing substantial medical expenses, costly physical and occupational therapy, and lost wages. These types of costs are considered “economic damages” and are usually straightforward to calculate. You may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, damages for the inability to fully enjoy your life, and compensation for emotional distress. the financial values for these “noneconomic damages” are much more challenging to calculate. We will work with the facts of your unique case to fight for just compensation.

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Car accidents could leave families devastated, and long-lasting physical trauma and financial loss could entitle your family to substantial financial compensation. If you or a family member was injured in a crash involving a rental car, contact our experienced Baltimore lawyer for injuries in a rental car accident. the attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve while they work diligently to see you compensated for your harm. Call (410) 694-7291 to schedule a free consultation.