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Injuries in the workplace can be incredibly serious.  Some job industries put their workers at risk for very serious injuries, such as burns, chemical exposure, electrocution, amputation, head injuries, and serious back and spine injuries.  Even less-dangerous jobs could involve accidents from car accidents or slip and fall injuries that can put you out of commission.  If you are seriously injured and unable to return to work to provide for yourself and your family during your recovery, you may be entitled to sue for the damages you faced.

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Types of On-the-Job Injuries

Baltimore and the surrounding areas are home to many types of industries.  Hospital workers, shipping workers, factory and warehouse workers, and transportation workers are some of the workers most susceptible to on-the-job injuries, but workers in other industries can also face serious injuries at work that keep them from going back while they recover or stop them from returning to work altogether.

Accidents and injuries can happen in the workplace for many reasons, but many of them fall into the following categories of on-the-job injuries.  If you were injured in any of the following types of on-the-job accidents, or if you were injured in another type of accident, contact our lawyers for help with your case.

Transportation Accidents

Truck drivers, taxi drivers, or other transportation workers are susceptible to accidents on the road or in other forms of transportation.  Other workers who need to be transported around as part of their job are also vulnerable to injuries from car accidents and other accidents.  Auto accidents and other transportation injuries can vary greatly in how serious they are and what injuries they result in, but many instances of crashes and accidents at work allow you to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver or operator.

Workplace Violence

Injuries from violence in the workplace are actually one of the biggest reasons workers get hurt on the job.  Injuries from fights or assault by coworkers or employers can lead to serious injuries, as can assault from customers or clients.  This is also one of the most common ways that hospital workers are injured in the workplace.

Slip and Fall Injuries

If you fall because a floor is slippery or covered with debris – or if you trip because of loose flooring, stray wires, or other obstacles in your way – you might be entitled to sue the owner of the property.  This means that if you were hurt at work, the building owner or your employer might be liable for these types of injuries.

Premises Liability Injuries

Other injuries from dangers and defects on the property can also cause serious injuries.  Accidents involving structural collapse, broken stairs, broken handrails, fires, electrocution, or other hazards on the property could also cause serious injuries and potentially even lead to death.

Lifting and Carrying Injuries

Back injuries are one of the most common ways that people get hurt at work.  These injuries can come from lifting more than they can carry without help or from tripping or falling while trying to carry heavy items from one point to another.  In many cases, these injuries can come from poor safety training or negligent supervision by employers, and it may be their fault if you were hurt in this kind of accident.

Defective Equipment Injuries

If the equipment or machinery you use at work suffers from a design or manufacturing defect, it could put your safety at risk.  In many cases, you can sue the manufacturer of the equipment for the injuries you suffer rather than suing your employer.

Suing for On-the-Job Injuries in Baltimore

If you were hurt at work, you might be entitled to sue for your injuries.  However, your case might face limitations from Maryland’s workers’ compensation rules.  In general, most workers are covered by workers’ compensation, which pays them for medical expenses and lost wages related to a workplace injury.  This system might seem like a good idea, but it often limits damages in ways that a lawsuit does not.  Because of this, you might be best off suing your employer or another responsible party instead of seeking workers’ comp.

Workers’ comp. generally allows exceptions to these rules, through which you can always sue for injuries.  the first exception is when someone other than your employer is responsible.  Suing product manufacturers or third parties is usually allowed, even if you are covered by workers’ comp.  Similarly, workers’ comp usually does not cover violence by employers, so you can usually sue them for this.  Lastly, injuries sustained while working as an independent contractor might not be covered by workers’ compensation unless you have your own coverage.  This means you should be able to sue for injuries a client or their staff caused you on a job.

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