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Motorcycle accidents often have a reputation for causing severe injuries compared to car accidents.  While drivers and passengers inside a car have extra protection between themselves and the road, a motorcycle rider only has a helmet and perhaps some motorcycle leathers.  Because of this, many victims of motorcycle accidents face life-altering injuries.

If you or someone you know was injured in a motorcycle crash because of another driver’s negligence, our attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation.  In a lawsuit or insurance claim, you may be able to get the financial compensation you need to treat your injuries and pay for the pain and suffering you face.

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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Bel Air, MD

After a motorcycle accident, your options will be limited depending on your injuries.  If you were severely injured, it is okay if your primary concern was getting to a hospital to get treatment.

If your injuries were moderate and you could remain at the scene of the crash, there is some important information to collect.  Ultimately, the next steps to take after an accident should be to get a police report and call a lawyer.

Get Medical Treatment

If your injuries were severe and you needed emergency medical treatment, it is in your best interests to go to the hospital and accept all necessary treatment.

If you do not get your injuries treated, it is possible the insurance companies and courts could later deny that your injuries were related to the accident if they were treated days or weeks later.  Also, it makes it seem like your injuries were not very severe if they were not bad enough to get immediate treatment.

Collect Information

If you can stay at the scene, you should collect information about the crash.  If you can send a friend or family member to collect information for you while you go to the hospital, that could also be helpful.

Otherwise, the police should collect some of this information.  the information of particular concern in your case will be the names and contact info of all drivers and witnesses, the insurance info for all drivers involved, the time and location of the crash, and any other information about the road conditions.

Call a Lawyer

In the days after a motorcycle crash, you should get a copy of the police report and call a lawyer.  the police report will help provide any information you are missing, such as the names and contact info of the officers who responded to the accident.

This information can help your lawyer begin building a case.  Handling a motorcycle accident case without the help of an attorney means you will be responsible for all legal decisions and settlement negotiations, which can be difficult even if you are not seriously injured.  Call a Bel-Air motorcycle accident lawyer for help in the aftermath of a serious crash.

Getting Compensation for a Bel Air Motorcycle Accident

The next few days after a motorcycle accident may be some of the most difficult days you face, but many motorcycle accident injuries also leave lingering effects.  These injuries could keep you from returning to work, plus they could cause ongoing pain and suffering.

Seeking compensation for these injuries is sometimes easiest through an insurance claim, but a lawsuit with the help of a Bel Air motorcycle accident lawyer might better serve your interests.


If your injuries are severe enough that you cannot return to work, you could be entitled to payments for your lost wages.  In addition, the pain and suffering you face can be compensated even though it is difficult to put a price tag on something like pain or emotional distress.

Lastly, the medical bills you face because of the accident should be compensated by the at-fault driver as well.

Insurance Settlements

Many motorcycle accident victims turn to insurance to pay their claims, but insurance companies are notoriously reluctant to pay in most cases.

Insurance companies will typically calculate damages in a way that undercuts the true value of your injuries, often by covering only certain services or a portion of the pain and suffering damages you truly deserve.

Sometimes your attorney can negotiate with the insurance companies and help arrange a fair settlement that covers your damages without going to court.  Other times, this is impossible.


If the insurance companies involved in your case will not pay fair damages, you may need to go to court.  Most times, you can pursue both tracks at once and file a lawsuit and insurance claim, then decide which is best.  This can help pressure an insurance company to settle at a fair value instead of facing trial.

If your case goes to trial, a neutral judge and jury will decide how much your case is worth instead of a biased insurance company.  This could potentially result in a higher payout that covers your needs in full.

While insurance companies seek to discount their payouts, an order from the court will often aim to compensate you at the full value – though getting to the end of a trial will involve more up-front costs and expenses.  In any case, an experienced Bel Air motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine the best course of action.

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