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Whenever victims are injured in auto accidents, they can sue for compensation, even if those accidents involve rideshare cars.

Rideshare accident claims begin when the accident takes place. Immediately following the crash, the victim should call the police in Bel Air and seek medical attention from emergency medical professionals. Then, our attorneys will begin collecting evidence of negligence such as security camera footage, eyewitness statements, and photographs. Next, we will file your claim before the deadline to sue, which is three years. After going through settlement negotiations and a possible trial, you can recover the damages awarded to you in your rideshare accident lawsuit in Bel Air.

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Timeline of Uber and Lyft Accident Claims in Bel Air, MD

Understanding the timeline of your claim involving a rideshare driver will be important. While the process will be similar to other auto accident cases, there will be some notable differences and hurdles victims in Bel Air should be aware of.

The Accident

All injury cases begin with the accident that causes the injury. Uber and Lyft accidents are often complicated. Victims might be struck as pedestrians, drivers, or passengers of rideshare cars. Regardless, you should report the accident to the police immediately. In fact, you will have to. According to Md. Code, Transp. Art., § 20-107(a), all auto accidents, including rideshare accidents, that result in injury must be reported to law enforcement. When members of the Bel Air Police Department arrive, they will complete a crash report. Our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can obtain this report later on. In addition to reporting your accident to the police, you should also go to the closest hospital. That way, you can document your injuries and their cause, resulting in evidence you can use in your claim.

Collecting Evidence

The next stage in your case will be devoted to collecting evidence. Our attorneys will speak with any eyewitnesses to the accident who can confirm how the Uber or Lyft driver acted negligently. We will also refer to information from the rideshare app in question, which might show that the driver was in the process of completing a ride when you were injured. Other evidence typically used in these types of cases includes surveillance footage. Because evidence can degrade or become lost the more time that passes, initiating this process as soon as possible following a rideshare accident will be crucial for the success of your claim in Bel Air.

Evidence of fault is so important, not only to establish that the defendant caused your injuries, but to eliminate any question that you contributed to your injuries in any way. Even if you were hurt as a passenger, knowing about Maryland’s pure contributory fault laws is crucial. If the defendant successfully claims that you contributed to your injuries, even in the smallest of ways, you will be barred from recovery.

Filing the Complaint

Once we have gathered sufficient evidence as the basis for your claim, we can file your complaint with the court. When doing this, we must name the defendant, which is why identifying the negligent party initially is important. We will also give context to the circumstances of the accident and request your damages at this time. According to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101, all Uber and Lyft accident claims must be filed within three years of the crash date in Bel Air. The statute of limitations for these injury cases is strictly enforced, meaning if you do not file by the deadline, you will be unable to recover compensatory damages.

Settlement Negotiations and Going to Trial

After you file your claim, you might be approached by the opposing side regarding settlement negotiations. Even prior to filing, this might occur. Often, victims of rideshare accidents consider settling out of court, especially because of the liability insurance Uber and Lyft provide to injury victims. Depending on the specific circumstances of your crash, rideshare liability insurance might cover up to $1,000,000 of your damages. While that may seem like a sufficient settlement, it may not properly compensate you for all medical expenses and other losses, such as pain and suffering.

Regardless, your complaint will be against the individual driver who caused your injuries, not the rideshare company, as Uber and Lyft hire their drivers as independent contractors. Our attorneys will hold strong to your desired damages during settlement negotiations with the driver and their insurance. Although these cases often settle out of court, going to trial is an option, especially if the opposing side is unwilling to compensate you fully for your losses in Bel Air.

Recovering Damages

The final stage in your claim will be to recover damages. Whether you get compensation from a settlement or jury award, it could be paid in a lump sum payment or in structured payments. Which type of settlement you receive will largely depend on the defendant’s financial ability. Regardless, you will recover the full amount you are entitled to.

Damages in rideshare accident claims include compensation for a victim’s financial losses. They should cover all of your medical expenses and lost wages, at the very least. Furthermore, victims can often recover non-economic damages when they go to trial. In Bel Air, compensation for pain and suffering is currently capped at $935,000 according to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 11-108(b)(2). This amount increases by $15,000 each year. In addition to economic and non-economic damages, you might be awarded punitive damages by a jury, provided gross negligence was involved in your case.

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