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Can You Sue if You Break a Bone in a Car Accident in Maryland?

When vehicles collide, it’s not uncommon to see a fracture or a broken bone as a result of a car accident. A bone fracture is the medical term for a broken bone and is a common injury during a car collision.

If you suffered a bone fracture or broken bone in a car accident, contact the Maryland accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras today to learn about your medical options and how they can help resolve your accident case.

Car Accident Bone Fracture Lawyers

Broken bones or fractured bones after a car accident may take longer to heal because of the severity of the fracture. Anytime a bone is broken, the type of break and the severity of the fracture will dictate the time it takes to heal.

Obviously, a “clean” break of the bone will heal much faster than a fracture that may not have a clean or concise break between the two bone segments.

Broken bones are very common for children to suffer in car accidents because their bones are not as developed as an adult’s. In addition, the elderly may suffer more serious fractures after a car accident because of the brittleness in their bones.

Types of Bone Fractures

There are numerous bone fractures, but our accident attorneys mainly see displaced or non-displaced bones. As well as opened and closed fractures.

A displaced fracture occurs when two or more parts are not lined up straight, and the bone could be in many pieces.

Oftentimes, severe impact car accidents result in fractured bones that are displaced. The impact of the two vehicles can cause the passengers in their vehicles to strike solid objects within the vehicle.

Causes of Broken Bones in Car Accidents

The human skeleton has 206 bones in adulthood. That number will decrease from 270 bones that an individual has at birth. Any number of the 206 bones within your body could be broken or fractured during a car accident.

Bones will typically break in an auto accident if they strike an object or are pinned and pressure is placed on an opposite end of the bone.

For example, individuals that strike the steering wheel or doors, as well as the ceiling of a vehicle, can break various bones within the body.

Fractured bones are not uncommon after car accidents. If you suffered a fracture or broken bone after a car accident in Maryland, contact our office today to discuss compensation as well as receiving money for your medical bills and potentially lost wages.

Broken or fractured bone surgery after a car accident

It is not uncommon that individuals after a car accident must undergo surgery to repair broken or fractured boats. Bone fracture surgery typically requires a doctor to reset the bone.

However, in some cases, it may require the use of metal screws, pins, rods, or plates to hold the bone in place while the individual heels after the car accident. Read more about screws and pins after a bone has healed.

After the surgery for a broken or fractured bone, an individual may be required to wear a cast or some other device to keep the bone in place while it heals.

With broken bones, there is always the danger that the heel will not correct itself, and the bone may be required to be re-broken to be reset.

For more information on outcomes in car accident cases, check out our results page for individual cases and compensation.

How Much is a Brown Fracture Worth?

While there is no set amount paid by insurance companies for bone fractures and broken bones, typically, bone fracture injuries receive significantly more than other minor injuries.

We have seen, as injury attorneys in Maryland, that soft tissue damage receives less compensation than a broken bone.

The severity of the fractured bones will also dictate the compensation or reimbursement for pain and suffering by the other driver’s insurance company.

A broken bone has no set value in the personal injury field. However, our lawyers have had a successful experience in obtaining maximum compensation for our clients who have suffered a broken or fractured bone after an accident.

Fractured bone injury attorneys

Suppose you suffered a fractured or broken bone after an accident, including a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, or any other type of accident where a person was negligent or reckless. Contact our office today and speak with attorney Randolph Rice.

Mr. Rice has been fighting for his clients and ensuring they receive the compensation and justice they deserve after an accident. The injury attorneys with his office know how to litigate a broken bone or fractured bone case in Maryland.

Broken or fractured bones after an accident are serious and must be treated immediately. They require months of treatment and potentially physical therapy because of the serious nature of the accident.

The goal of our car accident attorney in Baltimore is to ensure that each client returns to 100% after an accident and that the broken bone injury is not noticeable after the accident.