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Can You Sue the Driver in a Car Accident After 18 Months in Maryland?

Experiencing a car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences you can go through. Dealing with the aftermath of a crash can make you feel anxious and hopeless. This is a situation many Maryland citizens have to face every year. You may wonder whether there is anything you can do to get compensation for your losses. Fortunately, you can fight for compensation by filing a lawsuit against the liable parties in your car accident. When should you file your claim? What compensation can you get from your claim? These are questions the Baltimore car accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras will address through this article.

How Long Before I Can Sue a Driver After a Car Accident in Maryland?

Unfortunately, car accidents are part of our everyday lives. Every year, thousands of drivers face the aftermath of severe accidents caused by negligent drivers in Maryland. It is natural for the victims to try and get compensation to cover all of their losses. Fortunately, car accident injury victims can fight for compensation by filing a personal injury claim. However, there is a caveat tied to personal injury lawsuits. As a plaintiff, you have the right to present your petition with the court; however, you don’t have unlimited time to do so.

Like other states, Maryland has what are known as statutes of limitations on lawsuits. This legal principle sets forth a time window in which a plaintiff must file their claim with the court. The court wants to allow accident victims to file a claim and fight for their compensation. However, they also want to prevent a defendant from being perpetually liable. This is the principle behind the statute of limitations.

As a personal injury victim in a car accident in Maryland, you have up to three years from the moment of the accident to file your claim with the court. This means that if eighteen months have passed since your crash, you’d still have time to file your claim. However, it would be best to consider what waiting to file your claim can mean for your case.

Personal injury cases often have many moving parts. This is especially true in complex cases involving severe injuries, such as spinal cord injuries and broken bones from car accidents. As with any other case, collecting, compiling, analyzing, and presenting evidence is critical. In addition to obtaining all relevant evidence in your case, your car accident lawyer in Maryland will need time to prepare for your court appearance.

Waiting eighteen months essentially means you will have eighteen fewer months to work on your case. While this time may not seem significant compared to the remaining time on your statute of limitations, it can have a substantial impact on your case’s development. it is best to act quickly after your case and retain the services of a skilled Maryland car accident attorney who can guide and assist you.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Maryland?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, nervous, and disoriented after a car accident. However, there are critical steps you should take despite your challenging situation. Every action you take after your crash can have a significant impact on your case’s development.

The first thing you should do after a Maryland car wreck is get yourself and others to safety. If you are able, find a safe spot away from oncoming traffic to avoid an additional accident. Once you are free from potential harm, call 911 and get emergency medical attention. You may feel fine after your crash, but there could be underlying issues that develop without you noticing. Emergency medical care can help take care of any potential health risks.

Make sure to report your accident to the police. it is essential to contact the authorities so they can investigate and render a report on your accident. The report prepared by the investigating officer may be critical in your case. Make sure to ask for a copy of your accident report and keep it for your records.

It would be best to gather as much information as possible from all the parties involved in your crash. Make sure to get key info, such as the other party’s name, address, mobile number, and insurance information. Take photos or video evidence of your crash, too. This evidence can help you support your claim.

How Much Compensation Can I Get After a Car Accident in Maryland?

Many car accident victims would like to know how much compensation they can get after their crash. However, whether you can get compensation and the amount you can expect in your case will depend on different factors. First, you will need to support your claim by showing the defendant’s negligence.

As a plaintiff, you have the burden of showing the defendant owed you a legal duty. You can provide evidence showing the defendant had a legal obligation to drive safely and prevent an accident. Second, you will need to show that the defendant breached their duty of care by not acting as expected from a prudent, reasonable person. After showing the defendant’s breach of duty, you will need to prove causation or the link between the defendant’s negligence and your losses. Finally, you will need to demonstrate you suffered losses due to your accident.

The court may grant you compensation once you have shown the existence of these four elements in your claim. The compensation you can expect from your case will depend on your case’s specific circumstances. A skilled Maryland personal injury attorney can help you understand what you can expect from your case.

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