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Many Americans choose to ride motorcycles for a variety of reasons. Some ride because it is fun. Others choose to ride motorcycles because of their compactness and fuel efficiency. Sadly, motorcycle accidents happen just like car accidents, and when motorcycle crashes do happen, people get badly hurt.

When you are hurt after a motorcycle crash, you need legal representation to help you out. We can go over the details of your case, start compiling and arguing, and fight hard for you in court after a motorcycle accident so you can get the financial compensation you need and the justice you deserve.

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What Can I Get Awarded Damages for After a Chillum, MD Motorcycle Crash?

When you submit a personal injury claim to the court, you are seeking damages to deal with your expenses associated with the accident. In civil cases like motorcycle accident lawsuits, the goal of the court is to put the plaintiff in the financial and physical state they were in prior to the accident happening. Accordingly, your damages will derive from the unique facts and circumstances of your motorcycle crash.

Medical Expenses

The cost of medical care will likely be a central pillar of the damages in your case. You can seek damages for hospital bills, ambulance fees, surgeries, hospital bills, medication, and other medical procedures. You can also argue for damages based on any expected future treatment you will need because of your injuries.

Lost Wages

Another thing you can seek damages for is lost wages or the opportunity to earn income. Many injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents require victims to put their lives on hold to focus on recovery. This can include taking an extended period away from working and, therefore, not earning any income. Accordingly, you can ask the court to award you compensation for that lost income. You can also get an award of damages for lost income if your injuries make it so you need to work at a less well-paying job. For example, if your job requires manual labor, but your injuries are such that you can no longer do that job, you can be awarded damages based on the difference in pay. Finally, if you are so injured that you can no longer work, you can be awarded damages based on your expected income for the rest of your career.

Property Damage

You can also get compensated for any property damage you incurred. This will likely be based on any damage done to your motorcycle and what you need to pay in order to repair it or purchase a new one.

Miscellaneous Expenses

There are some expenses that ultimately stem from motorcycle accidents but do not neatly fit into a category. You can still get financial compensation from the court for these expenses. Examples of these miscellaneous expenses would include modifications to where you live to accommodate your injuries, paying for aides, and transportation to and from medical treatment. This category is quite broad, so you should talk to our motorcycle accident lawyers about your specific needs.

Pain and Suffering

“Pain and suffering” includes compensation for physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional distress brought on by your injuries. These things are somewhat esoteric when compared to something like medical bills or property damage. There is no cost associated with how much a fracture hurts, after all. Accordingly, you will have to show the court their value when our lawyers argue your case.

Lost Quality of Life

Another thing that falls under the umbrella of so-called “non-economic damages” is lost quality or enjoyment of life. For example, suppose that, in addition to riding motorcycles, you are an avid hiker and outdoorsperson. Now, because of your motorcycle accident injuries, it is painful or impossible to do those recreational activities you used to enjoy. Accordingly, you can get damages for the loss of your ability to do those things – provided you are able to convince the jury of its value to you.

How Do I Prove a Defendant is Liable in My Chillum, MD Motorcycle Claim?

Of course, to get damages, you need to show that the defendant is liable for your injuries. You can do this through a lot of different kinds of evidence, including:


A very powerful form of evidence to prove that a defendant is liable is eyewitness testimony. A person who saw the motorcycle crash happen right in front of their eyes can offer their perspective of the events and, potentially, insight into what the defendant was doing and whether they were negligent.

Expert Opinion

Expert opinion is a type of testimony given by subject-matter experts. These witnesses have credentials that are vetted by attorneys before trial, and their opinion holds a great deal of weight in a legal claim. Our lawyers can get in touch with expert witnesses who can help you with your case.

However, opposing counsel can also use expert witnesses to try to hurt your case, but we can fight against their assertions.

Video Footage

Video footage of a crash, or its aftermath, is a fairly objective form of evidence that can be used either to prove liability, show the extent of damage, and more. You can obtain video footage from many different sources. Dashcams, witness phone videos, store cameras, and even videos you take yourself after a motorcycle accident can be used as evidence in court.

Medical Records

If you underwent treatment for your injuries, you can submit medical records of that treatment to the court to show the extent of your injuries as well as how much they cost to treat.

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