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Car accidents can happen to anyone driving a vehicle, but rideshare drivers may be particularly prone to getting into crashes. This is because they often have to divide their attention between passengers, navigating unfamiliar areas, and the ever-important traffic and road conditions. The multitude of things a rideshare driver needs to pay attention to, combined with lengthy work hours – sometimes after a full-time job – make it possible for Uber or Lyft drivers to slip up and cause an accident.

When you are injured in any car crash, you need legal help right away. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, our lawyers are ready to start working towards getting you the justice and financial compensation you are entitled to after an accident.

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Why Do Uber and Lyft Accidents Happen in Chillum, MD?

Motor vehicle accidents are usually the result of a mistake, a multitude of factors creating conditions where an accident can happen, or both. Traffic laws, rules, and regulations are in place in every state to make sure that the roads are safe and drivers do not do anything dangerous. Unfortunately, these rules are never followed 100% of the time, and accidents happen as a result.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving is very dangerous, and rideshare drivers have a bevy of ways that they can get distracted. In addition to texting, talking on the phone, and other electronic diversions that all drivers have access to, Uber and Lyft drivers rely heavily on GPS systems to know where they are going – as they often travel down routes they are not familiar with. Rideshare drivers can easily get engrossed in a GPS screen when they really should be paying attention to what is going on around them, causing an accident.

Finishing Trips Quickly

There are a lot of incentives for Uber drivers to finish transporting a passenger as soon as possible. First, getting a passenger where they need to free the driver up to pick up someone else increases the chances of earning income. Second, passengers who get where they want to be quicker are more likely to tip handsomely, which creates an incentive to disregard speed limits and other laws that are in place to ensure driver safety. Speeding drivers who are in a hurry are more likely to crash than responsible ones.

Tired Drivers

Uber driving is not an easy gig. These drivers work long hours, often after completing a shift at another job. This can take a mental and physical toll, making drivers weary, tired, and inattentive. Tired driving is just as dangerous as driving drunk, which can lead to Uber drivers getting into accidents because they are simply worn out.

Ordinary Traffic Violations

Just like everyone else on the road, Uber and Lyft drivers are perfectly capable of breaking traffic laws. Speeding, running red lights, ignoring stop signs, and driving aggressively are either regulated or prohibited by law. If an Uber driver decides to ignore these rules, they can get in an accident.

Sub-Par Vehicles

Motorists are expected to make sure that their vehicles are road-worthy, but that does not always happen. A vehicle with faulty parts that have not been replaced – or one that has defective components, can cause an accident even if the rideshare driver is a responsible driver who follows all of the rules.

How Do I Get Compensated after a Rideshare Accident?

Financial compensation for things like medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering is probably at the forefront of a plaintiff’s mind during legal proceedings. However, Uber accident lawsuits are not as simple as suing the relevant rideshare company for damages. In fact, it is probably not possible to sue companies like Uber or Lyft when a driver screws up because they are not employed by those companies. Instead, you should look with our lawyers to get the driver’s insurance provider to give you the coverage you need after an accident.

Rideshare Company Policies

Both Uber and Lyft have up to $1 million in coverage for accidents that happen when a passenger is present in one of their driver’s vehicles.

For incidents where a passenger is not present, rideshare companies generally have a less comprehensive amount of coverage that you can use to help cover the effects of the accident.

Personal Insurance

Uber and Lyft drivers also have personal policies that come into play after an accident happens when they are working. Their ordinary automotive insurance will not cover these accidents. Instead, you need to look for their commercial or rideshare insurance policies, which are specifically tailored to cover collisions that happen while the driver is doing work for someone.

Filing a Lawsuit

Maryland is an “at-fault” state, which means that the driver who is responsible for the accident has their insurance pay for any injuries sustained. If an Uber driver’s rideshare insurance claims that their policyholder is not at fault, you need to take them to court to prove that the Uber/Lyft driver is liable for your injuries. Once you and our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers prove that the defendant is liable, their insurance has to cover your expenses.

Uninsured Drivers

Although drivers for Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies are required to have insurance, this rule is not always followed. If the driver does not have insurance, you can still sue them directly, and there are ways to make sure you still get the compensation you need after a serious car accident.

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