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Many trucks travel across the United States every day to deliver packages and transport materials from one place to another. Most of these vehicles will get to their destination without much issue at all. However, many trucks are also involved in accidents every day. Truck accidents are capable of causing very serious injuries that will likely require intensive medical care as well as a lengthy recovery period. The cost of these medical procedures and treatments could easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. If were injured by a large commercial truck, you might be looking at a hefty medical bill of that magnitude in addition to all the other struggles that come with getting injured in a truck accident.

If you got in a truck accident near Clarksburg, our attorneys can work with you to fight for the financial compensation you deserve. We can craft a strong case for you to take to court and will not give up until your truck accident situation is resolved.

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Factors That Can Influence Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

A number of factors could influence how our truck accident lawyers handle your lawsuit. No two sets of circumstances in a truck accident are the same, so each lawsuit requires a slightly different approach, even if they essentially argue the same thing – the defendant was negligent, and their negligence caused your injuries. Below are some of the things that could influence the facts and process of your truck accident lawsuit.

The Type of Truck

The make and model of the truck that hit you could have a strong influence on how we argue for you in court. For example, certain types of accidents are more likely to happen to different kinds of trucks. A big 18-wheeler might get into a jackknife accident where the trailer folds in on itself like a pocket knife. On the other hand, a semi truck cannot get in a jackknife accident because there is no linking mechanism for the trailer to pivot around. A semi truck might be more likely to get in a head-on collision accident or an accident caused by speeding.

The Type of Accident

Different kinds of accidents may have different things that need to be proven to show that the defendant was negligent. For example, wide-turn accidents, where a truck driver misjudges how much space then needs to turn, are often the result of driver negligence. On the other hand, fishtailing, where a trailer swings back and forth and could potentially hit someone, can be caused by improper loading. A claim asserting that cargo was improperly loaded, which led to an accident, will have to prove different things than a claim alleging driver negligence.

Poor Road Conditions

It is true that adverse weather or roads in a state of disrepair can cause truck accidents. However, other factors are far more likely to have an impact on your truck accident lawsuit. Speak with our lawyers about your situation if you believe that road conditions had a significant impact on your particular truck accident.

Causes of Truck Accidents in Clarksburg, MD

Just like how no two truck accidents are the same, not all truck accidents happen for the same reason. A variety of factors could cause a truck accident, and those factors could be determinative of what parties you bring to court. Since you can only recover damages from parties that have injured you, it is important to determine the cause of your truck accident so you can sue the right people for the right reasons.

Negligent Truck Drivers

Truckers are the party most directly in control of your truck when an accident occurs. Truck drivers can be negligent in the same ways that ordinary motorists are negligent. Speeding, aggressively switching lanes, and running red lights can all lead to accidents in a commercial truck. However, truck drivers also have other considerations they must take into account. Trucks are large and heavy, so truckers must take care to maneuver with appropriate steadiness and care lest the truck topples over or otherwise get out of control.

Moreover, truck drivers have rules they must follow regarding how long they are allowed to stay on the road because it is known how dangerous it is to drive a big truck while fatigued. For example, truckers cannot drive continuously for more than eight consecutive hours without a 30-minute break and cannot drive for more than 11 consecutive hours without a subsequent 10-hour rest period.

Popped Tires

A popped tire can put a nasty hitch in the driving of any motor vehicle. However, popped tires are especially dangerous on trucks because the amount of weight being displaced can cause the truck to move out of control and crash.  Popped tires are an example of what is known as a defect, or something wrong with the construction of a certain part of the truck.

Improper Loading

Big-rig trucks carry large amounts of cargo, and that cargo has to be loaded and tied down properly. Otherwise, the truck will not behave as it should on the road. If a truck is over-loaded or loaded in such a way that it is top-heavy or weighted to one side, the driver might be unable to steer it properly, and the truck could wipe out as a result. Often the truck driver will be responsible for loading their own vehicle, but many trucking companies will have dedicated loading personnel, or a particular trailer may be loaded off-site.

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