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Motorcycles are employed as the primary method of transportation by thousands of people across the country. Motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than larger cars and SUVs, can fit into more compact areas, and are a joy to ride for many. Those characteristics make them attractive to many people. However, motorcycle riders can be victims of motor vehicle accidents just like drivers of other vehicles. Sadly, when these accidents happen, motorcycle riders are often seriously injured because they are very exposed on their bikes.

If you got hurt in a motorcycle crash and need assistance, look no further. We understand how to effectively pursue personal injury claims – including those for motorcycle accidents – in court. Rest assured that you will be in good hands, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries while we take care of the legal legwork that needs to be done to get you the damages you deserve.

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Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Clarksburg, MD

Motorcycle accidents often lead to very serious injuries for the plaintiff because they are so exposed when compared to people in enclosed vehicles. These severe injuries can occur even when wearing appropriate safety gear like helmets, durable clothing, and more. The damages you request are directly based on the injuries you get in your crash, so it is important to discuss the extent of your injuries with our motorcycle accident attorneys.


Bruising happens when blood vessels are broken under the skin, and blood starts to pool in the affected area. This is what causes the black, blue, and red discoloration we associate with bruises. Most of the time, bruises will heal on their own. However, bruising over a large area that will not go away can be indicative of much more serious conditions like internal bleeding or dangerous clotting.

Burns and Abrasions

In a motorcycle crash, there is always the chance that the contents of one of the vehicle’s fuel tanks will ignite and result in significant burns to the victim. True, many pieces of clothing designed for motorcycle riders have some degree of fire resistance, but nasty burns are still frequent injuries in motorcycle crashes. Depending on the severity and scope of the burns you received, you may have to undergo painful surgeries, and you may have permanent disfigurement for which you can collect damages.

Burns from flammable things are actually not the only burns you can receive in a motorcycle crash. You can also get “friction burns” and abrasions from skidding across a coarse surface, such as the road or a sidewalk, at speed. Friction burns and abrasions can be just as serious as burns from heat, so it is important to get medical attention for those injuries, too.

Broken Bones

When someone on a motorcycle is hit by another vehicle at speed or crashes into something, there is always the chance that bones will break. Virtually all fractures will require a sling, case, or other immobilizing device to heal properly. More serious breaks, such as compound fractures, may require surgery to get the broken bones back in their correct position. Additionally, you may have to undergo physical training and make dietary changes to regain strength in a broken limb that has atrophied due to lack of use.

Cutting and Puncturing Wounds

When motorcycle crashes happen, a lot of debris is going to fly in every direction. Broken glass, bits of motorcycle and cars, and other foreign objects can cut up or pierce through victims of motorcycle crashes.

Cuts can require stitching and sutures to heal properly and often result in permanent scarring or disfigurement. Moreover, a “cut” that goes across a small digit like a finger or toe can lop off that appendage.

Puncture wounds, while visually less scary than cuts, are often much more serious. This is because penetration of only a couple of inches below the skin can hit vital organs and place someone in critical condition. Additionally, it is harder to stop bleeding from puncture wounds, especially when they are made by irregularly shaped objects like shards of glass and warped metal.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is caused by a hard hit to the head that injures the brain. Sometimes, this happens purely because of blunt trauma, but other times, TBIs can occur when an object – like a piece of a vehicle – pierces the skull.

Even lower-end, “mild” TBIs like concussions can have serious side effects like memory loss and mood swings. Additionally, prior concussions can make the effects of future concussions significantly worse. More severe traumatic brain injuries can have even more significant consequences like losing cognitive ability, paralysis, or even an early death because of complications.

What Compensation Can I Get after a Motorcycle Crash in Clarksburg, MD?

The purpose behind filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit is to get financial compensation to help you deal with the effects of your accident. The damages you receive as compensation need to be related to the injuries you suffered because of the defendant, which is why it is so important to go over your accident in detail with our motorcycle accident lawyers.

Evidence like medical records and vehicle repair costs can be used to inform the damages you ask for. However, you can also get damages for more intangible things like physical pain, mental anguish, or emotional distress. Since there is no concrete notation of the value of those kinds of things, you will need to work with our attorneys to explain to the court their worth in your claim.

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