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Common Causes of Limb Loss or Amputation in Maryland

As a limb loss victim, it’s important to understand the common causes of such injuries. That way, you can learn whether or not you can file a compensation claim for amputation in Maryland.

Some of the top causes of limb loss or amputation in Maryland include vehicle accidents, like motorcycle and truck accidents, and workplace accidents. Amputation happens more commonly in certain industries, like construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. Unfortunately, medical malpractice and negligent treatment commonly lead to limb loss and amputation in Maryland. Other incidents involving premises or product liability cause limb loss in Maryland. As a victim of such catastrophic injury, you stand to recover substantial compensatory damages. That said, compensation is never guaranteed, so it’s important to enlist help from an experienced attorney.

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What Are Common Causes of Limb Loss and Amputation in Maryland?

Unfortunately, limb loss or amputation after certain accidents is not uncommon in Maryland. These catastrophic injuries can happen without warning, resulting in extreme pain and suffering. In Maryland, the most common causes of limb loss and amputation range from vehicle accidents to medical malpractice. Learning about these common causes can help victims understand whether or not their case warrants litigation in Maryland.

Vehicle Accidents

Some of the top causes of amputation in Maryland and elsewhere are vehicle accidents. Collisions between passenger cars can lead to devastating injuries that require amputation. Pedestrians struck by cars might suffer limb loss due to a collision. Motorcycle accidents may be more likely to result in amputation, as motorcyclists often have very little protection, even when wearing protective gear. Accidents involving large vehicles, like trucks, commonly result in catastrophic injuries like limb loss.

Car accidents are often extremely dangerous, resulting in some Maryland victims’ digits or limbs being crushed. These injuries can require amputation in the subsequent hours or days, causing severe pain and suffering to Maryland victims.

Workplace Accidents

In Maryland, workplace accidents are a top cause of limb loss and amputation. High-risk industries, namely construction, manufacturing, and agriculture, require workers to use dangerous machinery and materials daily. Negligence on behalf of an employer or peer can cause a serious accident, resulting in limb loss or amputation. Factory workers may be more likely to lose a finger or hand because of a machine malfunction, while construction workers may be more likely to lose an entire limb because of a crashing injury.

Workplace accidents resulting in limb loss or amputation can be difficult to navigate. If you recently suffered such a catastrophic injury, reach out to a Baltimore personal injury lawyer. Your only option for compensation may be to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, which can be challenging.

Medical Malpractice

It may surprise some to learn that medical malpractice commonly leads to limb loss and amputation in Maryland. Medical mistakes during surgery or failure to diagnose or treat certain conditions can result in limb loss. For example, a significant portion of medical amputations are necessary because of vascular disease and diabetes. Suppose you visit a Maryland doctor with concerns about your health and present with obvious warning signs of diabetes or vascular disease, and doctor fails to treat or diagnose you. If you then lose a limb to either disease as a result of such negligent care, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Other medical mistakes made during surgery can also lead to limb loss.

Determining whether or not a doctor ultimately caused your limb loss in Maryland can be challenging. Because of that, it’s important to consult an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can review your case to determine whether or not medical malpractice caused your injury.

Other Accidents

Other incidents, like product liability or premises liability accidents, can lead to limb loss in Maryland. While these might be less common than other causes of amputation, they are still notable. Defective products can cause injury to Maryland victims, leading to limb loss or amputation. Injuries sustained on a poorly-maintained property can also have a similar result. Just because the cause of your limb loss may be less common than other victims’ does not make it any less significant.

Common Damages for Limb Loss and Amputation Victims in Maryland

If another person’s negligence caused your limb loss injury, you might be able to file a compensation claim in Maryland. Generally speaking, victims who sustain such catastrophic injuries are eligible to receive substantial compensatory damages against a negligent party.

Limb loss and amputation can forever change a Maryland victim’s quality of life. Often, such victims cannot work at their previous jobs, leading to lost wages. Rehabilitation and physical therapy after amputation can be extremely expensive, causing additional financial difficulties for Maryland victims. Because of this, limb loss and amputation victims stand to recover substantial damages against a negligent party.

Both economic and non-economic damages are available for victims that sustain catastrophic injuries in Maryland. Economic damages can compensate victims for all financial damages due to a defendant’s negligence, like lost wages and medical expenses. Non-economic damages seek to compensate victims for any emotional damages due to a defendant’s negligence, like pain and suffering and reduced quality of life.

While such damages are available to amputation victims that file a lawsuit, they are not guaranteed. That is why hiring a skilled Annapolis personal injury lawyer is crucial. Your attorney can build a strong claim against a negligent party so that you can recover the compensatory damages you deserve after limb loss or amputation in Maryland.

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