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College is a time of celebration, comradery, and growth for most students who attend. Between the parties, basketball games, campus events, and student organizations, students always have something to do. Unfortunately, during the course of these events, things can occasionally get out of hand. This can feed the rumor mill that exists on every campus and, in extreme situations, even lead to disciplinary action or criminal charges.

Whether a student faces a school review board or a jury of their peers, navigating the system and mounting an effective defense can be very difficult; in an era where accusations and social media outrage can sometimes drown out the facts, it can be helpful to have an attorney at your side to stand up and represent you or your child’s interests.

The team at the law offices of Randolph Rice has a decade of law practice under its belt. We have helped clients defend themselves from all manner of charges, and we can help Loyola students with anything they may face. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at (410) 694-7291.

Common Criminal Charges Faced by Students at Colleges and Universities

Conflicts on college campuses come in every shade of grey. Often a story will have many different sides offered from a variety of perspectives, making the truth difficult to ascertain. In the midst of these murky situations, accusations can fly that not only tarnish reputations, but threaten students’ education and personal liberty. Though it can be difficult to predict what charges a student may face, some are more common than others:

Destruction of Property

Charges of destruction of property are more common than you might believe. In an environment that mixes young people, alcohol, and hormones, things are bound to go awry. Although the damages to public property is often undeniable, it is generally less clear how, when, and by whom the destruction was inflicted. Other questions that can arise include who exactly the property belonged to and whether the person who defaced or destroyed it had permission to do so.

Cyber Crimes

In today’s digital age, much of a young person’s life takes place on the Internet. Students can check grades and assignments, communicate with classmates, conduct research, or find love through myriad websites and apps that are often freely available for public use. At times, however, these activities can take a decidedly darker turn.

Stalking and harassment are likely the top computer-related charges faced by college students. Each carries a substantial penalty, but each can also be effectively contested. If you find yourself accused of a cyber crime, contact a skilled legal representative today.

Sexual Assault

One of the most serious accusations a college student can face is an accusation of sexual assault. These claims are (understandably) taken very seriously by the school and the community at large, but this fact should not undermine a student’s right to due process.

Many sexual assault cases involve grey areas and conflicting accounts of what happened. If you find yourself facing unfounded charges, let someone who has experience with these kinds of cases orchestrate your defense. Contacting a skilled attorney can make the difference between freedom and imprisonment or expulsion.

Substance Abuse

Experimentation with various kinds of drugs is firmly entrenched in college culture. Even those students who have no intention of involving themselves into the drug scene at their school can find themselves compromised by peer pressure and the sheer ubiquitousness of mind-altering substances. Many of those who do try these drugs come out alright on the other side of those experiences, but some are less fortunate.

In many cases, simple association with someone who uses illegal substances is enough to cause trouble. If a student gives a friend a ride to a party or dorm and that friend happens to be carrying an illegal drug, the person driving could wind up on the hook. If your son or daughter is under suspicion for drug use, a proactive approach is the best answer. Charges like this can be tough to get rid of, but a qualified legal professional can help you fight for your rights.

Penalties Students Can Face Over Criminal Charges

If you are a Loyola University student facing criminal charges, it is important that you recognize the stakes in your situation. Loyola’s official community standards explicitly state that any student involved in misconduct, even acts that occurred off campus – and in extreme cases, acts outside the Baltimore area – are subject to the Student Code of Conduct and the penalties prescribed therein. Add to that threat the potential fines and jail time of the original criminal charge, and your life could become quite unpleasant.

Don’t Leave Your Future to Chance; Hire a Skilled Loyola Criminal Defense Attorney Today

A Loyola student who has been charged with a criminal act has much to lose: admission at the university, a clear reputation, the freedom to take part in society. Don’t risk these things by leaving you case to the whims of fate. Randolph Rice is a former assistant state’s attorney who has practiced law for more than a decade and knows the Maryland legal system inside and out. There is no better person to represent you or your loved one when faced with serious charges. Schedule your free consultation today by calling (410) 694-7291.


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