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Do Wrongful Death Lawsuits Give Closure to Families in Maryland?

If you lost a family member or loved one because of another’s negligence or intentional conduct, you might have the option to file a wrongful death claim. At Rice, Murtha & Prosas, our compassionate attorneys understand that the thought of litigation might be difficult in addition to your loss. Make no mistake – a wrongful death lawsuit is often complicated and emotionally draining. However, it could also be very rewarding as well and not just in the monetary sense. Below, our Maryland wrongful death attorney discusses many of the unforeseen benefits of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Emotional Benefits of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Maryland

When someone files a wrongful death claim, they are seeking financial compensation. However, no amount of money will heal the pain of losing a loved one. That does not mean that a family cannot find comfort in winning a wrongful death lawsuit. Sometimes it is just a feeling of justice and knowing that the person or entity that caused your pain was held responsible.

Maryland courts understand the emotional impact that comes with wrongful death. When fighting for your justified compensation, our Baltimore wrongful death attorney will seek an award for your emotional and mental anguish as well as your financial losses. the catastrophic loss of a loved family member is a trauma that will last for the rest of your life.

Healing often requires knowing that someone or something was to blame for your loss and that they were held accountable. Losing a loved one because of negligent or intentional conduct is devastating. Knowing that the person or company that caused your pain suffered no consequences could create an even deeper chasm of grief. it is not uncommon for a person to find comfort, closure, or healing through accountability.

A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Gives You a Voice

For many people who lost someone and filed a wrongful death claim, the financial recovery was not the most important part of the litigation. They found a sense of justice in playing a role in holding the negligent parties responsible for their conduct. This was especially the case when the defendant was a company or business that placed profit above the safety and well-being of others.

When you work with our Maryland wrongful death attorney, you will be part of the litigation process. Many people find it rewarding to take an active role in fighting for the rights of their deceased loved ones. By having a voice and a sense of agency, a grieving family member often feels that they are working on behalf of the memory of their loved one. Our Maryland personal injury attorneys and staff will work with you, allowing you the space you need or the voice you desire to help you gain a sense of closure.

Holding Negligent Parties Financially Accountable Through a Maryland Wrongful Death Lawsuit

While financial gain might not be the most important part of a wrongful death lawsuit, it is still beneficial. Wrongful death claims are usually expensive for defendants. While your potential damages for emotional pain are capped at $890,000 as of 2020, there is no limit to what you could recover for your financial losses.

At first, it might not seem as if you have any real financial losses. However, our Maryland wrongful death attorney knows that is far from accurate. For example, if you lost a young spouse, you have not only lost a lifelong companion, but you have lost the income they would have contributed to your household. By turning to economic and vocational specialists, our office will calculate what your loved one would have earned over the course of their life. Such an award will not only help you to move forward, but it will also financially punish the party that inflicted you with overwhelming grief.

In addition to compensation for the actual harm you suffered, a Maryland court could award punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish a defendant when the conduct is willfully malicious and egregious. While rare, punitive damages are used to sanction a defendant so that the behavior is never repeated. Often, they are awarded when a company or institution has acted in such a way that purposefully endangered the lives of others.

When a company or organization is required to pay a significant amount of damages in a wrongful death lawsuit, the benefit is more than your enrichment. it is not uncommon when a company loses a wrongful death claim, especially if punitive damages were awarded, that procedural and policy changes are implemented that will keep others safer in the future. Many people find closure knowing that they are actively preventing the conditions that resulted in the death of their loved one. Through litigation, you can work with our Dundalk wrongful death attorney to make your community a safer place, helping to ensure that others do not suffer the catastrophic fate as your family member.

Call Our Maryland Attorney to Discuss the Benefits of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The pain and suffering associated with unexpectedly losing a loved one is nearly impossible to describe. When your family member is taken away because of the negligence or intentional wrongdoing of another person or company, grief could quickly turn to anger. Our Maryland wrongful death attorney understands the healing power that comes from taking an active role in holding those responsible for your loved one’s death accountable. We know that litigation will not bring someone you love back, but it will give you the opportunity to seek justice, closure, and maybe make Maryland safer. If you lost a loved one or family member, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291 to schedule a consultation with our compassionate Ellicott City wrongful death attorneys.