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Do You Need a Lawyer if You Were Hurt in a Motorcycle Crash in Maryland?

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous. Motorcycle riders are not protected by an enclosed vehicle like other drivers, and a lawsuit may be necessary to get compensation for substantial damages.

While a lawyer is not required by law, one can certainly assist you with your motorcycle accident case in many important ways. Your attorney can help you file your complaint and get your lawsuit started. They can also help you file an insurance claim. If a trial is not what you want, your attorney can help you negotiate a settlement with the defendant and evaluate damages to maximize your compensation. How much your attorney may cost depends on the complexity of your case and your attorney’s experience.

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How an Attorney Can Help You File a Lawsuit After a Motorcycle Accident in Maryland

Getting a lawsuit started is no easy task, and an attorney can assist you from start to finish. A lawsuit begins with a complaint filed in court. A complaint is a formal legal document that must express specific information about your case to the court, including a list of allegations. Contact our Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers about getting your complaint started today.

Your complaint should contain details about the motorcycle accident and how the defendant caused the crash. it should also contain details about your injuries and damages and how much compensation you need. This information must be conveyed in a specific way and adhere to certain formatting requirements. An attorney will have the skills necessary to draft a clear, concise complaint that conforms to the court’s standards.

Not only that, but your lawyer can help you figure out which court to file the complaint with. Filing in the wrong county or with the wrong court level could end your case before it begins.

Can a Lawyer Help You File an Insurance Claim After a Motorcycle Accident in Maryland?

Motorcycle accidents typically lead to insurance claims, and insurance claims are rarely, if ever, simple endeavors. People often do not realize that they can hire a lawyer to help them with their insurance claims. An attorney can help you prove the other driver is at fault and that you should be compensated.

Maryland is a fault-based state, meaning injured motorcycle riders file third-party insurance claims with the defendant’s insurance company rather than their own insurance. A motorcycle rider must prove that the other driver is at fault before insurance will pay anything.

You might need to submit evidence and information to the insurance company as part of your insurance claim. Our Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys can help you gather strong evidence that supports your claims to submit to insurance.

You might also need to speak with an insurance adjuster about the accident. When communicating with the insurance company, you must be careful what you say. One wrong word could be used against you to reduce your compensation or deny your claims. A lawyer can help you talk to the insurance company and avoid any pitfalls.

Negotiating a Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident with an Attorney’s Help in Maryland

Many motorcycle accident cases do not end in a verdict after a trial. In fact, there are ways to resolve a case without having a trial at all. A settlement agreement allows the parties to resolve the case out of court. Our Maryland car accident lawyers can help you negotiate the best settlement possible under your circumstances.

Settlements are great ways for plaintiffs to get the compensation they need while avoiding an arduous trial. Settlement agreements may need to be intensely negotiated to get an acceptable settlement. An attorney has the negotiation skills needed to help you advocate for fair, just compensation.

A good settlement agreement covers your medical bills, the cost to repair/replace your motorcycle, and any other expenses you incurred after the accident. A lawyer with strong negation skills and experience with motorcycle accidents can help you maximize your potential settlement.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You Assess Damages in Maryland

“Damages” are all the losses and injuries you experienced because of your motorcycle accident. Damages may be economic and connected to pre-determined prices or values. Damages may also be non-economic with values that must be assessed and argued. Our Towson motorcycle accident lawyer can help you review and assess all your damages.

Calculating damages is more than simply adding up your bills from the hospital, although tallying up your bills is an important step. You must also assess how your pain and suffering have impacted your daily life. the more your life has been affected, the greater your damages should be.

Non-economic damages are a bit subjective, and you can expect some pushback from the defendant when you claim damages. An attorney can help you calculate your damages and build arguments to support your claim for damages.

How Much Does a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident Case Cost in Maryland?

How much a lawyer costs may vary from case to case. Not only that, but different attorneys may charge different prices. Lawyers may charge fees based on the complexity of your case and their own experience. Our Rockville motorcycle accident lawyers can work with you to develop an acceptable fee agreement.

Generally, our attorneys can use a contingency fee structure. This means paying nothing up front and only paying your attorney if you win by paying a portion of your winnings. In some cases, some legal fees are also included in the damages.

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