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Car accidents can be dangerous and have a disruptive effect on numerous aspects of your life. You might be in great pain, have high bills, and be unable to work. Our attorneys can help you get fair compensation from the person who caused the crash.

If you are injured in a car crash, you should first try to call emergency help and make sure they send the police along with an ambulance. Second, you should contact an attorney. While you are recovering in the hospital, your lawyer can begin building a case. We need evidence, like pictures from the accident or security camera footage, to help prove the other driver’s fault and negligence. Your case begins when we file a formal legal complaint with the court. This is far from simple, as preparing the complaint might take weeks or even months.

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What to Do After Being Hurt in a Car Accident in Elkridge, MD

Car accidents are known for being chaotic. People often talk about how they barely remember being hit by another car. They only remember the aftermath. While it can be easy to become overwhelmed during a crash, you must remain calm and take steps to protect yourself and your rights and legal interests.

First, call for emergency responders. Even if you feel unharmed, you should dial 911 and have an ambulance and the police sent to your location. You might have internal injuries that have yet to reveal themselves, and you should be checked out by a doctor as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the other driver in an accident might pressure the injured victim into keeping the police out of it. They might be uninsured or know they caused the accident and fear legal consequences. You might also wonder if the police are necessary if your injuries are not serious. However, certain accidents must be reported to the police.

According to Md. Code Transportation Art. § 20-107(a), any accident involving bodily injuries or death must be reported to the police within 15 days of the collision. This requirement is usually satisfied when you call 911 and have the police sent to your accident.

Once you have received any necessary emergency medical care, you should try to contact an attorney. This is important for two big reasons. First, our car accident attorneys can review your case and help you determine if the other driver owes you damages. If they do, your lawyer can immediately begin building your case. Second, the other driver could be planning to turn things around on you by arguing that you caused the accident. You need a lawyer in your corner to protect you.

Potential Evidence You Can Use to Support Your Elkridge, MD Car Accident Claims

We should begin collecting evidence as soon as we can. The crash site was likely cleared away by law enforcement not long after you were taken to the hospital, and there might be few, if any, pieces of evidence remaining. Even so, that does not mean there is no evidence to be had.

Often, people take photos or record short videos of a car accident right after it happens. This is usually for insurance purposes, but your photos and videos can also be used in court. If any details about the crash are disputed, your pictures or videos might be the proof we need to support your claims.

Sometimes, a car accident happens on a busy street near homes and businesses. In those cases, there is a good chance a security camera somewhere nearby caught the whole thing on video. We must track down any security camera footage before it is deleted. Having actual video evidence of the crash might be some of the strongest evidence available, especially if the defendant is clearly shown on camera.

Testimony is another huge element in many car accident claims. Eyewitnesses might testify about what they saw during the accident. Perhaps they saw the defendant behind the wheel. Maybe they watched as the defendant ran a red light or a stop sign. We can contact witnesses you might remember from the crash in addition to those identified in the police report, if any.

Your own testimony is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Only you can explain to a jury the pain you experienced and the distress you have lived with since the crash.

How to Begin a Case for a Car Accident in Elkridge, MD

Starting a lawsuit for your car accident injuries begins with a formal complaint. The complaint is more than a list of allegations against the defendant, although allegations are certainly a big part of it. The complaint must contain a lot of very detailed information. The court might reject the case if anything is lacking or too vague. Our team of attorneys has filed cases like this before and can help you draft a complaint.

To start, we need information about you, the defendant, and how the accident happened. We need to identify the parties with names, addresses, and other identifying details. Next, we need to break down exactly how the crash occurred. Where did it happen? We need to name the specific roads or streets as well as nearby businesses or landmarks. How did it happen? Did the defendant run a red light? Were they speeding? Were they drunk? Your lawyer can help you effectively convey all necessary information.

Next, we need evidence. Without evidence in the complaint, your allegations might be considered baseless or without merit. We need at least some evidence to show you have a valid claim. However, we do not need all possible evidence. If we need additional evidence later, we can find it.

We also have to include details about your injuries and damages. The court needs to know exactly how you were injured and what your injuries are worth. All financial costs should be accounted for in the complaint. We can include claims for non-economic damages like pain and suffering, but the jury may determine their value later.

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