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In this day and age, yellow taxi cabs have largely been supplanted by companies such as Uber or Lyft. These “rideshare” services offer the same transportation as taxis but with the convenience of the driver coming to you instead of needing to wait around on a street corner hailing a cab. Rideshare drivers are people just like every other motorist, and sometimes drivers get into accidents because they or someone else messed up. When that happens, victims can end up badly hurt and have medical expenses that need to be paid.

We can help you if you were hurt in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle. We know how to handle automotive accident lawsuits inside and out, so rest assured that your case is in competent hands when you work with our lawyers.

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Who Should You Sue in an Uber/Lyft Accident Claim in Elkridge?

An important question that needs to be answered in any legal proceeding is, “Who are you suing?” Naturally, the first answer that comes to mind is likely Uber, Lyft, or the other rideshare company that you hailed on your phone. However, it is almost never the case that you should file a lawsuit against that company when you are involved in a crash with one of their vehicles. This is because rideshare drivers are independent contractors, and the law only allows you to sue companies for the negligent acts of their employees. Therefore, a lawsuit for a crash involving an Uber driver that targets Uber specifically is not likely to succeed. Instead, you should look to file against other parties from which you can get compensation – which our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can help you identify as we go over your claim.


The first party you should consider suing in a rideshare accident-related lawsuit is the driver who caused your injuries. This could be the rideshare driver or another driver who struck you while you were a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. Our lawyers can help determine which driver caused the accident if you are not exactly sure from the get-go.

Drivers cause accidents through many different negligent acts, including drunk driving, speeding, and going through traffic lights and signs. Uber or Lyft drivers, in particular, may be prone to distracted driving since many rely on phone GPS services to see where they are going. If a rideshare driver is too engrossed in their phone while chauffeuring a passenger, they are negligent and can be liable if someone gets hurt.

Vehicle Companies

Sometimes, the driver is doing everything right, but an accident still happens. In those instances, you need to look to find the real culprit for your crash. It very well may be a problem with one of the vehicles involved. When a defective vehicle causes a crash, you can sue the designer or manufacturer of the vehicle, depending on the kind of defect that is present. If the design is inherently dangerous, you can use the vehicle designer – usually the company that makes the vehicle, like Ford, Toyota, and so on. However, if the problem is a mistake that was made somewhere along the line, it may be better to file your claim against a repair shop or the factor that made the vehicle or defective component.

Insurance in Elkridge Uber and Lyft Accident Cases

Automotive insurance is a topic of great importance in rideshare accident cases. In fact, your first port of call should probably not be to file a lawsuit but to get the correct insurance provider to give you coverage for the accident. However, if that coverage is not enough to cover the extent of your injuries, then you absolutely should proceed with filing a lawsuit.

Collision Coverage

If a rideshare driver is involved in an accident and they are either transporting a passenger or on their way to pick one up, companies like Uber and Lyft have “contingent collision” policies that can help cover any damage the crash may have caused. These policies have around $1 million in insurance coverage, which may be enough for many cases but can easily be exceeded if a victim’s injuries and other damages are sufficiently serious. Additionally, both Uber and Lyft have $50,000 in coverage for accidents involving their drivers, which take place when the driver is active in the application but there are no rides in their queue.

Special Insurance Policies for Rideshare Drivers

All drivers on Maryland roads must have automotive insurance. This is the law. However, it may surprise some people to find out that standard insurance policies do not cover incidents where the driver is using their vehicle for commercial purposes. Instead, these drivers need specific policies that are purpose-made to handle those kinds of incidents. Generally, there are two options for commercial drivers to choose from.

First, there is rideshare insurance. These policies are specifically meant to cater to drivers who use their vehicles for Uber, Lyft, and other similar companies. Second, rideshare drivers may opt to have a commercial driver’s insurance (CDI) policy instead. CDI policies are meant for anyone who uses their vehicle in a professional context, not just Uber drivers. For example, a pizza delivery person may also have a CDI policy. Either way, it is important to determine whether the driver in your case has an insurance policy that covers the incident. If not, do not despair because our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys can still take that negligent driver to task in court and get you the damages you need.

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