Essex, MD Car Accident Lawyer

Don’t get taken advantage of by insurance companies after a car accident. Contact an Essex car accident lawyer today to protect your rights and ensure maximum compensation after your accident. Accidents happen every day. That’s why they’re called accidents, but when someone else is responsible for the accident, you shouldn’t have to pay for their negligent behavior.

Ensuring a successful outcome after your car accident in Essex, Maryland, is crucial to your well-being and happiness. Rice, Murtha & Psoras have obtained Millions of Dollars for their clients after car accidents.

From minor fender-benders to an accident that results in death, their attorneys will fight for you every step of the process.

After a car accident, you may be confused about the process and who is going to pay for your injuries and damages. That’s where the personal injury lawyers with Rice, Murtha & Psoras step in to ensure your rights are protected.

Don’t get short-changed by greedy insurance companies. Make sure that you are paid top dollar for your accident claim.

Our Essex Car Accident Lawyers are Here to Help

Essex, Maryland, is located on the east side of Baltimore County and has major highways that traverse through the community. From major roads like Eastern Avenue and 702 to smaller surface roads, car accidents can happen anywhere at any time.

Some of the most common types of car accidents include rear-ending accidents, T-Bone accidents, and failing-to-yield type accidents.

No matter how the collision occurs, if someone else was negligent or reckless, then they should be held responsible for their injuries. The experienced Essex, Md. car accident lawyers with Rice, Murtha & Psoras will work tirelessly to ensure that all of your medical bills are paid, lost wages are reimbursed, and you are compensated for the hassle and headache incurred after the accident.

Why Hire an Essex Car Accident Lawyer?

There are numerous reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer after your accident. An injury lawyer can determine the next steps to take after the accident. Just because you’ve been in an accident doesn’t mean you should suffer anymore. Plus, you have nothing to lose by hiring an Essex car accident lawyer today.

That’s because Rice, Murtha & Psoras require no upfront cost to retain their injury lawyers to pursue a claim on your behalf. Their injury lawyers work on a contingency basis.

Their fee is contingent on the success of your accident claim. Therefore, you don’t pay unless they win the case for you. In addition to determining liability in your accent case, they will coordinate the reimbursement of all of your medical bills from the injury settlement or verdict. That means their law firm will handle all of the complicated accounting.

From Minor Injuries to Death Accident Cases

The injury lawyers with Rice, Murtha & Psoras handle all types of car accidents in Essex, Maryland, from minor fender-benders that cause soft tissue damage to more serious accidents that result in permanent injury or even death. Their Essex, Maryland, car accident lawyers have fought for clients and sustained considerable verdicts and judgments on behalf of their injury victims.

Do You Need an Essex Car Accident Lawyer?

After an accident, you need someone who will work to protect your best interests. Many people think that the insurance company for the at-fault driver will treat them fairly and offer a reasonable settlement. Unfortunately, insurance companies work to pay the least amount of money to injury victims after accidents in Essex, Maryland.

Insurance companies know that victims of a car accident who don’t have a lawyer are ill-equipped to follow through with litigation or a lawsuit.

Studies have found that injury victims who retain a personal injury lawyer for their accident case receive three and a half more compensation than someone who doesn’t hire a lawyer.

Statistics show that it’s in your best interest to have an Essex car accident lawyer fight for you after your unfortunate auto crash.

Find a Trusted Car Accident Attorney in Essex, MD

With years of experience representing individuals who have been hurt through no fault of their own, Rice, Murtha & Psoras know what it takes to make the big insurance companies pay.

Their top injury lawyers will fight to ensure that you receive maximum compensation after your car accident in Essex, Maryland. Contact their office today to schedule a free consultation to speak with an injury lawyer who is skilled and experienced in working with the victims of car accidents.