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Pedestrians struck by moving vehicles often experience extreme injuries and endure great physical pain. These kinds of injuries deserve justice and financial compensation from the people responsible.

Pedestrian accidents happen all the time, and common areas for these collisions include parking lots, crosswalks, and sidewalks near busy traffic zones. After your accident, a lawyer can help you sue the negligent driver responsible for the crash and recover compensation for damages.

Damages may include economic losses in addition to non-economic injuries and experiences. To prove your claims, you must gather sufficient evidence that supports your case.

Photographs, videos, and witness testimony should all be considered in your search for evidence. Our legal team can help you file the initial complaint to kickstart your lawsuit and make effective and persuasive arguments in court for damages.

Pedestrian accidents do not just happen out of nowhere. Drivers and their inexcusable negligence are often to blame. For a free case review to get your lawsuit started, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291.

How Pedestrian Accidents Can Happen in Essex

Pedestrian accidents often happen in places where people on foot are close to traffic zones. While the specific reasons behind each accident will vary, most tend to stem from driver negligence.

Many pedestrian accidents happen in crosswalks. This is perhaps the most common location of pedestrian accidents because crosswalks allow pedestrians to cross lanes of vehicle traffic. Unfortunately, negligent, distracted, or speeding drivers might severely injure pedestrians simply trying to cross the street.

Collisions with pedestrians can also happen in busy parking lots. People often overlook parking lots when they think about collisions and pedestrian safety.

Drivers are no longer on the road or highway and moving slower when they reach a parking lot, but they might still hit a person walking to or from their car. In some cases, negligent drivers are dangerously speeding through the parking lot, and injuries might be much worse.

Even though drivers are not permitted to drive on sidewalks, pedestrian accidents sometimes happen on sidewalks. Often, these accidents happen because drivers lose control of their vehicles.

They might lose control due to a vehicle malfunction (e.g., brake failure, tire blow-out) or driver negligence. For example, a negligent driver might turn too sharply and hit a pedestrian on a sidewalk corner. Our Essex pedestrian accident attorneys can help you figure out how your accident happened and how to prove the driver was negligent.

Recoverable Damages in an Essex Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

Damages in pedestrian accident cases can be significant. Pedestrians tend to suffer severe injuries, and damages are frequently high. Our Essex pedestrian accident lawyers can help you identify and evaluate all possible damages in your case.

Economic damages encompass losses related to monetary expenses. These damages are often easier to evaluate because your attorney can add up things like receipts, bills, and invoices.

The trick is keeping accurate and thorough records of all expenses related to the accident. Common economic damages include medical bills, lost income from missing work, and the value of destroyed property.

Non-economic damages are harder to pin down because they relate to subjective experiences rather than actual money. Most economic damages do not cost plaintiffs any money but may still be financially compensated.

Physical pain, emotional trauma, humiliation, and damage to your reputation can all be claimed as part of your non-economic damages.

How to Gather Evidence for Your Essex Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

You need evidence to prove your claims in court and get compensation for your considerable damages. Evidence may be collected from almost anywhere, and the evidence you need will vary based on your circumstances.

Certain types of evidence should almost always be investigated, as they are common in many cases and very useful.

Photos from the accident scene help preserve important details that would otherwise be lost after the authorities clean up the accident scene. If possible, you or someone with you should take as many photos as possible of the accident scene and your injuries while you wait for help to arrive.

Videos can also be beneficial in these kinds of situations. In many cases, our Essex pedestrian accident attorneys can contact local homes and businesses near the accident to determine if any security camera footage of the crash exists.

If it does, we can review it and possibly use it as evidence in your case.

Witnesses are another source of precious evidence. Witnesses may provide testimony about any first-hand knowledge they have regarding the accident. Pedestrian accidents tend to happen where other people can see, and there might be numerous possible witnesses in your case.

How an Attorney Can Assist You with Your Pedestrian Accident Case in Essex

Our Essex pedestrian accident attorneys can provide assistance beginning on the day of your accident. Even if you are not sure about taking legal action after an accident, you should still speak with a lawyer so you at least know your options. Lawsuits are infamously complex, and most people are unprepared to handle their cases alone.

Your lawyer can help you start by identifying and gathering important evidence. This could include talking to witnesses, taking pictures of the accident location, and having your case reviewed by potential expert witnesses.

Evidence might be anything and come from almost anywhere, and an attorney knows where to find evidence quickly and move your case forward.

An attorney can also help you evaluate your damages. This is a crucial step in your case as it determines what kind of compensation you might be awarded. If you accidentally leave out certain costs or losses or underestimate the value of your damages, you might miss out on valuable compensation.

Your lawyer should also help you file the complaint. People often assume a lawsuit begins just by filing some paperwork. While this is partially right, there is much more to it than mere paperwork.

You must draft a formal legal complaint that contains specific information and enough details to convince a court that your lawsuit has merit. If your complaint is insufficient or too vague, it will be rejected.

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