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Every one of us is likely a pedestrian at some point throughout the day. However, people seldom think of themselves as such. People are far more likely to be thinking about that meeting coming up at work, what they are going to buy at the shopping mall, their food order, or anything else that may be on their minds. In fact, people are not going to categorize themselves as “pedestrians” until they get hit by a car, truck, or other vehicle while they are simply going about their day. In addition to being incredibly shocking, pedestrian accidents often result in extremely serious injuries, which can be incredibly expensive to treat.

Fortunately, our lawyers are here to help. We know how frustrating being injured as a pedestrian can be. Our firm has represented many plaintiffs who got hurt due to negligent acts, so we have the skills, know-how, and drive to ensure those who wronged you are taken to task in court.

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What Causes Pedestrians to Get Hurt in Fort Washington?

Some pedestrian accidents are indeed “freak accidents” outside of anyone’s control. However, the vast majority of pedestrians get hurt because someone, somewhere, messed up. In the legal world, we call that “negligence.” To prove negligence, you have to show that someone acted in an unreasonable, careless way which caused someone else to get hurt – in this case, a pedestrian. Negligence can take a lot of different forms, and it is important to the success of your claim to really nail down exactly how your incident took place so that our pedestrian accident lawyers can show the court how the defendants in your case were negligent.

Negligent Driving

Pedestrian accidents are frequently caused by the actions of negligent drivers. Drivers can be negligent in many different ways. As an example, drivers must drive safely and follow all rules of the road. This means observing speed limits and traffic signage, stopping at red lights, and following all other traffic laws. In addition, driving in a way that a reasonable person would not – even if it is not technically prohibited by law, is negligent if a jury decides as such.

One of the most frequent reasons drivers hit pedestrians is because of distracted driving. Texting or otherwise using a phone, looking at something going on outside, or getting caught up in a conversation can all lead to a driver negligently hitting a pedestrian. Moreover, many pedestrian accidents happen in supposedly “safe” areas like shopping center parking lots or crosswalks. Many drivers may go on “auto-pilot” around these areas and stop paying as much attention to their surroundings as they should, which leads to pedestrians getting injured.

Negligent Vehicle Design

Sometimes, drivers may be doing everything they are supposed to, but a problem with their vehicle leads to a pedestrian getting hit. When a vehicle is dangerous to use in its intended role, it is considered “defective.” Vehicles can be defective in many different ways, but it generally boils down to the car having an issue with its design or an error made during the construction of the vehicle.

Design defects are “baked into” the vehicle. Even a car made exactly to specifications will have a design defect if one is present. For example, a car with a suspension system that is not adequate for its weight can be said to have a design defect because, even if it is made correctly, the suspension will still be too weak.

Manufacturing defects, by contrast, are mistakes that are made when the car is built. These are deviations from the intended design that make the vehicle dangerous. An example of a manufacturing defect that could lead to a pedestrian accident is incorrectly installed brakes. In that case, even if the driver slams the brakes in time to stop the vehicle, the fact that the brakes are defective will still lead to a pedestrian getting hit by the car and badly injured.

Road Conditions

Sometimes, the condition of the road itself can lead to accidents. For example, if a roadway is in a state of disrepair and is inundated with potholes and debris, it can lead drivers to either lose control of their vehicles or drive in a less-than-safe way and end up hitting a pedestrian. Additionally, road repair work can lead to drivers hitting pedestrians. Construction work can lead pedestrians to cross streets in different areas than what drivers are used to. Therefore, drivers need to be extra careful around construction work, lest they get distracted and negligently hit a pedestrian.

Evidence that Can Support Your Claim in a Fort Washington Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

When you take your claim to court, you are going to need to present evidence to support your assertion that the defendant was negligent. In civil claims, a lot of things can be admitted into evidence. So long as it follows the rules of evidence, pretty much anything that is relevant to your claim and not unduly prejudicial can be shown to the jury as evidence.

An excellent source of evidence to prove negligence in pedestrian accident cases is video footage of the accident. This could be obtained from a dashcam on the vehicle, a security camera from a nearby building, or a bystander’s phone. This evidence can be used to support eyewitness testimony about your claim.

You can also use evidence to back up your claims for the damages you should be awarded. For example, you can submit medical records detailing your injuries to support damages and offset the cost of your medical care.

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