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Truck accidents can leave their victims with very serious injuries like broken bones, blunt trauma, brain damage, and more. These injuries will almost invariably require intense medical care like surgeries and long hospital stays, followed by a lengthy post-hospital recovery. In many cases, injuries sustained In a truck accident are life-altering, meaning that the victim will be dealing with them for as long as they live. Moreover, the costs of medical treatment for these injuries can reach astronomical amounts.

If you do not know what to do after a truck accident, our lawyers can help. We have worked with plaintiffs who have been hurt in truck accidents before, and we are now ready to lend our experience to your case. We can prepare a strong argument and fight for you in court so that you get the financial payment you deserve.

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Causes of Fort Washington, MD Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. While it may only seem important that you were injured as opposed to how the injury happened, pinning down the cause of your truck accident is very important to the success of your lawsuit because you can only recover damages from those who caused your injuries.

Driver Error

Many accidents happen because the trucker made a mistake on the road. Truckers are drivers just like any other motorist and, accordingly, can make all the same mistakes. Truck accidents can be caused by speeding, running red lights, failure to use turn signals, drunk driving, and more.

Additionally, truck drivers have extra rules they must follow because of their job. For example, there are regulations in place that put limits on how long a truck driver can be on the road before taking a break. Truckers cannot drive for more than 8 hours consecutively without a 30-minute break, cannot drive for more than 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off-duty, and cannot be on duty for more than 14 hours consecutively after 10 hours off-duty. These rules are in place because driving for very long periods of time causes fatigue. Driving while fatigued is very dangerous. In fact, tired drivers are just as likely to have their motor skills impaired as drunk drivers are. Our truck accident attorneys can use this kind of information against tired drivers when proving fault.

Truck Defects

In some cases, truck accidents are caused by a problem with the truck, not just by something the truck driver did. When something is wrong with the build of the truck itself, it is called a defect. Worn-out tires and headlights that do not work are both examples of defects that can cause truck accidents.

Defects can be either design defects or manufacturing defects. Design defects are problems that occur when the truck is built correctly, but the inherent design of the vehicle is problematic in and of itself. Essentially, nobody did anything “wrong” in the construction of the truck, but the way the truck is intended to be used creates danger. An example of a design defect is a gas tank that is prone to catching fire when struck by another vehicle or when the truck impacts something.

Manufacturing defects, on the other hand, are problems that come up when someone makes a mistake during the construction or maintenance of the truck. Unlike design defects, manufacturing defects can occur in trucks that are of sound design. Improperly installed airbags, faulty transmissions, and the use of weak materials in critical components can all be considered manufacturing defects.

Improper Loading

Trucks carry a lot of cargo over great distances. When that cargo is not loaded correctly, it can make the truck top-heavy and more likely to tip over to one side or swing wide in a turn, both of which can cause accidents. Sometimes, the trucker loads the trailer for their own vehicle, but some trucking companies will have dedicated loading personnel who do not interact with the driver very much, if at all.

Who Should You Sue in a Fort Washington, MD Truck Accident Lawsuit

While determining who should be on the receiving end of a truck accident lawsuit may seem obvious, the answer may be more nuanced than you expect. Most plaintiffs immediately want to sue the driver. After all, they were driving the truck at the moment the accident happened. However, you may actually want to include

The Driver

The most obvious target of a truck accident lawsuit is the driver, and they probably should be included in your lawsuit for completeness. This is especially true if you are not absolutely certain that a defect in the truck or another issue led to your accident.

The Driver’s Employer

It is also probably a good idea to include the driver’s employer. The law allows plaintiffs to recover damages from an employer when the conduct that led to the plaintiff’s injuries was related to the employee’s job. This is allowed for two main reasons. First, oftentimes the employee is “judgment proof” or unable to pay damages even if they are liable. By contrast, the employer is often in a much better situation to give plaintiffs the compensation they need to get back to normal. Second, employers are seen to be responsible for the conduct of their employees under many circumstances.

Manufacturing Companies

If you suspect that your truck accident was caused by a defect, the truck manufacturer should be included in your truck accident lawsuit. The truck manufacturer will likely be liable if the driver was using the vehicle as intended but still got in an accident because of manufacturer negligence.

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