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Many people in Frederick, MD rely on Uber and Lyft every day. Other drivers on the road are forced to drive alongside these Uber and Lyft drivers, potentially being put at risk if those drivers are unsafe or tired behind the wheel after long shifts. Many people are injured in accidents each year while riding in Uber or Lyft vehicles or while driving near Uber and Lyft drivers, and victims of these crashes are often entitled to compensation.

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Can You Sue Uber or Lyft for Accidents in Frederick, MD?

Uber and Lyft often come under criticism for how their business model is designed, in part because it separates them from liability for accidents and injuries their drivers cause. In most cases where a driver for a taxi company, bus company, or trucking company hits someone with their car, the accident victim can sue the company they work for to get compensation for their injuries. With Uber and Lyft, the rideshare drivers are contractors, not employees, so people that they injure on the road usually cannot sue Uber and Lyft for their injuries.

Instead of suing the rideshare company, this means that injury victims need to sue the driver who caused the crash. This often makes it simpler to file the case against the one individual, streamlining the process. Additionally, Uber and Lyft each provide insurance policies that cover their drivers and anyone they injure while there is an active ride being handled. This means that if you were injured as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, there will almost always be insurance coverage to pay for your injuries – and if you were hurt while driving another car or because you were hit as a pedestrian, you can often get coverage under this policy as well.

Seeking Damages from Uber or Lyft’s Insurance Policy in Frederick, Maryland

Uber and Lyft each have a high-dollar insurance policy that can cover injuries up to a million dollars in many cases. These policies kick in to cover anyone hurt in the crash from the time that a ride is accepted to the time that the passenger is dropped off. This means that if the driver was on the way to pick up a rider or had a rider in the car, this insurance policy should cover injuries to passengers, other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and others injured in the crash.

Even though there is an insurance policy that should cover the crash, you are still entitled to file a lawsuit for your Frederick car accident. Maryland is an “at-fault” insurance state, which gives injury victims the choice of filing an out-of-court insurance claim or filing an in-court lawsuit for the damages they faced in a crash. In any case, the insurance policy will usually mean that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will pay damages through either route. Victims of car accident injuries often have access to additional damages in court – such as compensation for pain and suffering – so it is often in your best interests to file a lawsuit for serious injuries instead of an insurance claim.

If there was no ride in progress when the Uber or Lyft driver caused the crash, then you might not be able to file a claim against the $1 million policy. Instead, Uber and Lyft each have supplemental insurance that covers accidents that the driver causes while the app is on but they have not accepted a ride yet. If the driver was not covered by that policy for whatever reason or if they were off duty, then their own personal insurance policy or rideshare policy should still cover the accident. All drivers in Maryland are required to carry auto insurance to cover accidents they cause, giving car accident injury victims a chance to get compensation.

Should You Talk to a Company Representative or an Attorney After an Uber or Lyft Accident in Frederick?

Even though Uber and Lyft do not employ the individual driver that injured you, the companies each have aggressive customer service teams that seek out injured drivers and passengers after crashes. Their job is primarily to make sure that cases are handled appropriately and to protect Uber and Lyft – as well as their drivers – from fault and liability.

When an Uber or Lyft representative contacts you after a crash, they might want some details about how the crash occurred. it might be okay to give them basic information about the crash, such as when and where it happened and who was involved. However, you should consult with a lawyer before giving them any further information. If they can relay information to the insurance company that indicates you might have been at fault, that could hurt your chances of suing and getting the compensation you need.

Instead of trusting these representatives, work with a lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

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