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Vehicles are so commonplace that people tend to forget about how dangerous they can be until an accident happens. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to accidents and often suffer extreme injuries.

Pedestrian accidents might happen in any place where vehicle traffic is close to walkways, footpaths, or other places frequented by people on foot. Common locations include sidewalks, crosswalks, and parking lots. If you were hit by a car, an attorney can help you sue the driver and get compensation for your damages. The process begins with a formal legal complaint submitted to the court. Before filing, we should have an accurate idea of the value of your damages. We must back up your claims for damages with as much strong evidence as possible. An attorney can help you file your case and present strong, convincing evidence to a jury so you can get financial compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrians injured by negligent drivers often experience very serious injuries and significant expenses. Our Frederick pedestrian accident lawyers can help you fight for compensation and hold the negligent driver accountable. For a free case assessment, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291.

Places Where Pedestrians Are at Risk of Accidents in Frederick

Pedestrians risk being injured by a negligent driver anywhere vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic intersect. A crosswalk or intersection is one of the most common locations for pedestrian accidents. Crosswalks are designed for pedestrians to cross the street safely, and drivers must usually yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to stop for pedestrians because they are in a hurry and think they can make it through the intersection or crosswalk before the pedestrian.

Many other pedestrian accidents happen on sidewalks. These accidents are especially frustrating because vehicles are not permitted on sidewalks, and pedestrians are often blindsided when a car runs up on the sidewalk. This often happens because the driver loses control of their vehicle, is intoxicated, or makes a turn too sharply.

Parking lots are another common site for pedestrian accidents. Even though vehicles tend to move slower through a parking lot, it can still be dangerous for pedestrians. Drivers often let their guard down in parking lots because they are off the road or highway and might not be paying attention to people walking to or from their vehicles.

How to Sue the Driver in a Pedestrian Accident in Frederick

Perhaps the best way to recover damages related to your injuries and expenses is to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver who hit you. While insurance is certainly a possibility that our Frederick pedestrian accident attorneys can help you with, it does not always pan out the way we hope. An insurance settlement might be insufficient, or the insurance company might deny your claims. A lawsuit can help you get your damages covered when the insurance company is less than helpful.

File the Complaint

The first step in a pedestrian accident lawsuit is filing a formal complaint. The complaint is not just some form that kicks off the lawsuit. A complaint is a formal legal document containing very specific details. Generally, we must include information about you, the defendant, and the accident. Details about how and where the accident occurred, your injuries, and why we believe the defendant should be held liable. We also need to include information about your damages, how much we believe they are worth, and how we reached these estimations.

The complaint needs to be filed with the correct court. If you file the complaint with the wrong court that does not have jurisdiction over the case, your case will be rejected, and we could fall behind on important deadlines.

Assess Damages

Damages usually must be figured out before we submit the complaint. All potential damages in your case must be identified and evaluated. If damages are not included by accident, we might be unable to add them later.

Economic damages often include injuries or losses tied to an actual dollar amount. For example, medical expenses, the value of lost or damaged property, and lost income may be claimed as part of your economic damages. Even if you have health insurance to cover medical expenses, you can claim the cost of high insurance deductibles as part of your economic damages.

Non-economic damages are somewhat harder to evaluate because they are so subjective. Common examples of non-economic damages include mental and physical pain and suffering, humiliation, and damage to your reputation. In many cases, the jury determines the final award amount for these damages since we cannot present things like receipts or bills to establish value. Generally, the more severe your injuries are, the greater your non-economic damages might be.

Gather Evidence

To prove your claims for damages, we need evidence. Evidence might include any physical items in addition to non-physical information and testimony. Strong evidence should tend to support your version of events and show that the defendant caused the accident and your injuries. Our Frederick pedestrian accident lawyers can assist you in your search for evidence.

Much important evidence will come from the accident scene, and some evidence can be collected immediately after the collision. For example, you can take photos of the accident scene and your injuries immediately after the crash to preserve important details. Accident scenes are often cleaned up quickly, and evidence might be lost if not recorded or photographed.

Witnesses are extremely important as they can provide crucial testimony about your accident. Often, pedestrian accidents are not isolated, and several people probably saw you get hit by a car. This is especially so when pedestrian accidents happen n more crowded areas like busy sidewalks or parking lots. The more people who saw the accident and can back up your claims, the better.

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