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Driving a motorcycle carries huge risks. Even motorcyclists who follow traffic laws can find themselves in dangerous situations with other drivers on the road. Since motorcycles don’t offer a protective covering like cars and trucks do, the injuries that result from motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic.

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Glen Burnie

The injuries that result from accidents involving motorcycles can vary, but they depend on the type of motorcycle, the conditions of the road at the time of the accident, the speed of the motorcycle, and the safety gear that the driver was wearing.

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most common injuries that happen because of motorcycle accidents, and they can lead to paralysis and limited mobility. Traumatic brain injuries are also common; they can result in dizziness, loss of vision, disturbed sleep, headaches, seizures, and loss of memory, all of which can severely impact a victim’s ability to live their daily lives. Victims of motorcycle injuries may also suffer from broken and fractured bones, facial injuries, cuts and lacerations, and “road rash,” which is the loss of skin due to friction between the driver’s body and the road.

Common Causes of Glen Burnie Motorcycle Accidents

People love motorcycles because they’re fast and agile. For these reasons, however, they are also extremely dangerous. the following are common causes of motorcycle accidents in Glen Burnie.

High Speeds

Motorcycles travel extremely fast, which makes them susceptible to accidents. High speeds can makes accidents more likely because drivers have less time to react and brake if needed. Driving at high speeds also makes it more difficult to see obstacles that are approaching, and it makes it more likely for drivers to tip over while making turns.

Lane Changes

The speed and agility of a motorcycle make it easy for riders to dodge traffic and pass cars on the road. However, when a motorcyclist quickly changes lanes, they make it hard for other drivers to see them and react to them in time, which can lead to an accident.

Left Turns

Accidents between vehicles and motorcycles often happen when drivers are making left turns because the driver fails to see the motorcycle, leading one to hit the other.

Badly Maintained Roads

Roads that are not maintained properly can pose a serious threat to motorcycle drivers. Potholes can lead to catastrophic accidents for motorcyclists, as can gravel and roads that aren’t maintained following inclement weather. In these cases, the municipality that failed to maintain the roads may be responsible for the accident.

Proving Fault in a Glen Burnie Motorcycle Accident

It’s true that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. However, this doesn’t mean that motorcyclists will always be at fault for accidents in which they are involved. Motorcyclists who are involved in accidents with other drivers should not be held responsible if the other driver’s negligence or dangerous behavior caused the accident.

If you are a motorcyclist who suffered injuries in an accident with another driver, you can win a personal injury lawsuit if you can prove that the other driver exhibited an error in judgment or engaged in negligent behavior such as distracted driving, reckless or aggressive driving, or speeding or breaking other traffic laws.

How an Attorney Can Help You With Your Glen Burnie Motorcycle Accident Case

Following an accident, a motorcyclist can incur huge losses from medical expenses, lost earnings at work, lost opportunities in the future, pain and suffering, and more. All injured motorcyclists who were not at fault for their accident have a right to hold the negligent driver responsible for the losses they suffer.

However, insurance companies are often reluctant to give an accident the investigation, assessment, and compensation it deserves. Saving money is insurance companies’ objective, which means that they’ll do anything they can to avoid compensating you by attempting to prove that you were at fault, at least partially, for your accident. Under Maryland law, victims who are responsible for their own injuries are not able to sue, so insurance companies may attempt to shift blame for your injuries onto you by claiming that you weren’t wearing a helmet or safety pads or by citing other factors in the crash.

It takes a skilled attorney to be able to work with insurance companies. A good attorney can identify when an insurance company is trying to avoid compensating you and can find evidence that proves the negligence of the at-fault party. An attorney can also help you by negotiating for the maximum settlement possible so that you’re not left to shoulder the financial burden of your injuries.

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