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People in need of a ride are no longer required to hail a cab. Using an app on their smartphone, they can request a trip from any location to just about anywhere. the app will tell them their driver’s name, the make of car, and even show them their driver’s location on a map. the Uber and Lyft platform provides a convenient connection between drivers and Glen Burnie residents requiring a ride.

Both Uber and Lyft provide rideshares to the residents of Glen Burnie. the ease of use has helped these alternatives to taxi services increase in popularity. Along with the more significant number of people using carsharing services, accidents involving both Uber and Lyft have increased.

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How Rideshare Drivers Contribute to Glen Burnie Uber + Lyft Accidents

Car accidents in the Glen Burnie area happen for multiple reasons. If you are a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, you share the same risks as other drivers on the road, including drivers operating their vehicle while intoxicated, ignoring traffic signs or speeding, or consumed with road rage. In addition to these and other potential dangers, an Uber or Lyft passenger could face further risks due to practices unique to the rideshare business.

Rideshares are not only convenient, but they are also supposed to be both fast and reliable. Uber and Lyft encourage their drivers to ensure that their potential clients are not required to wait long for a ride and are promptly taken to their destination. Both companies utilize a system that allows their drivers to accept a new assignment before dropping their current passenger off at their destination. Often, a driver will operate their vehicle unreasonably and recklessly to reach their next client. This behavior endangers other drivers and pedestrians.

The smartphone app is the primary connection between drivers and potential clients. it also allows the driver to find and accept new assignments, communicate with the people requesting their service. Additionally, the app provides a mapping system, so the driver knows where to go. Frequently, drivers will be distracted by using their device and will not be focusing on the roadway ahead. Distracted driving is a significant cause of car accidents in the Glen Burnie area.

Uber and Lyft drivers make more money the longer they are out on the road. Also, late weekend nights are a busy time for rideshares. Because of this, drivers are frequently fatigued and their mental and physical capabilities are compromised. Additionally, there is a higher percentage of drunk drivers on the roads on Friday and Saturday night.

Drivers are responsible for the care and upkeep of their cars. Both Uber and Lyft require annual inspections and have a list of requirements a vehicle must meet before a driver is allowed to use their platform. However, driving for Uber and Lyft puts a tremendous amount of wear and tear on the vehicles. Often, a car’s roadworthiness is compromised well before the annual inspection. If you sustained an injury due to a poorly maintained Uber or Lyft car, contact our experienced Glen Burnie attorneys.

Personal Injury Lawsuits for Uber and Lyft Accidents in Glen Burnie

If you suffered any injuries due to an automobile accident or were a pedestrian struck by a car, you can pursue compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. In Glen Burnie, Maryland, you are required to show four elements in a personal injury claim, including:

  • Establishing that the driver owed you a duty of care
  • Showing that the driver breached that duty
  • Proving that the driver’s actions caused your injuries
  • Demonstrating actual damages resulting from the injury

Liability and Compensation for Glen Burnie Car Accidents Involving Uber and Lyft

When someone is injured in a car accident, they will typically sue the at-fault driver and their insurance company. If you are a passenger in a Lyft or Uber and another driver causes an accident, you would do the same. However, the situation becomes more complicated when a Lyft or Uber driver is at fault. You should contact our Gaithersburg Uber + Lyft accident lawyer to review the facts of your case.

It is challenging to hold either Lyft or Uber liable because they classify their drivers as independent contractors. Both Uber and Lyft carry secondary accident insurance that covers up to $1 million for injuries and medical expenses. However, this coverage does not go into immediate effect. You would still be required to sue the at-fault driver and their insurance company. Should the driver have insufficient coverage, the third-party insurance coverage maintained by Uber and Lyft goes into effect. it is important to note that this insurance only covers people injured when a driver is transporting a passenger. Should an injury occur while the Uber or Lyft driver was between jobs, the coverage lowers to only $50,000.

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