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How Do Accident Reconstruction Experts Affect an Injury Case in Maryland?

Testimony from experts can make all the difference in your accident case in Maryland. For example, an accident reconstruction expert might be able to show the jury how exactly an accident happened, causing injury to the victim.

Accident reconstruction experts can use the available evidence in a case to determine the root cause of an incident. They do this by reviewing police reports, physical evidence, photographs, property damage, and other information about an accident. To get an accident reconstruction expert to provide testimony in your case, our lawyers will enlist a professional with the necessary experience and credentials. To ensure an accident reconstruction expert has the information they need to determine the sequence of events of the accident, you should report the incident to the police, collect evidence from the scene, and photograph property damage. Obtaining additional evidence, such as surveillance footage and eyewitness statements, may also be necessary. When coupled with compelling evidence of fault, testimony from accident reconstruction experts can help victims prove a defendant’s negligence.

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How Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Affect Your Maryland Injury Claim?

Accident reconstruction experts work backward, analyzing evidence left behind from an accident to determine its cause. Findings from an accident reconstruction expert might ultimately help you prove a defendant’s fault and recover compensation in an injury claim in Maryland.

The role of an accident reconstruction expert is to, based on the various physical evidence from the scene, photographs, eyewitness testimony, police reports, and other information, find the cause of the accident. For example, based on tire marks left on the road, a reconstruction expert may be able to determine how fast the negligent driver was driving at the time of the accident and if they were speeding. Similarly, impact points between cars might indicate fault and which vehicle initiated the impact.

When such individuals are properly qualified, they can back their findings up with evidence. These experts do not just pull findings out of thin air; they are based on various complicated mathematical equations, physical evidence, and other information about the accident in question.

Expert testimony is often highly useful evidence in injury claims, as it gives the jury a deeper understanding of the events of an accident. If an accident reconstruction expert successfully determines the cause of the accident through their piecing together of events, such information can strengthen your claim against a negligent party in Maryland.

How to Get an Accident Reconstruction Expert to Help Your Maryland Injury Claim

In order to get expert testimony that will aid your claim, you will need to enlist assistance from experts. Our lawyers can help you get an accident reconstruction expert to analyze the specifics of the incident and testify about their findings in court if necessary.

Generally speaking, accident reconstruction experts are engineers or others with sufficient mathematical skills and the necessary credentials to enable them to piece together the events of an accident. Such experts can get accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Reconstruction to support the fact that they have the experience and skills necessary to reconstruct an accident.

To ensure that an accident reconstruction expert is properly accredited and capable of adding strength to your claim, defer to our Ocean City, MD personal injury lawyers when sourcing help from experts. We can confirm that an accident reconstruction expert is properly qualified to lend their expertise to the case so that there are no unwanted questions about their findings.

The sooner we enlist an accident reconstruction expert to aid in your claim, the better. Such professionals might need time to come to their findings, and you do not want this part of building your case to take too long that you delay filing and miss the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in Maryland.

Many victims are unaware of the substantial support experts can lend to a compensation case. In addition to an accident reconstruction expert, our lawyers might enlist additional experts, like medical experts, to strengthen your claim against a negligent party. Medical experts can review records pertaining to your physical injuries and provide testimony explaining the likely care you will need in the future, allowing you to recover compensation for damages not yet incurred.

How to Get Enough Evidence for an Accident Reconstruction Expert to Help Your Injury Claim in Maryland

In general, accident scenes may be cleared away fairly quickly so as not to cause unnecessary danger to others. Because of that, it is important to prioritize gathering evidence that an accident reconstruction expert might need when adding their support to your case.

Accident reconstruction experts might require various pieces of information to assess the cause of your incident. Remember such experts might need police reports, videos, photos, witness statements, and evidence from the scene. Evidence from the scene must be preserved as intentionally as possible, as it might be lost when the accident is cleared away. Because of this, you should take photographs of the entire accident scene following an incident in Maryland, including any tire marks on the road and property damage to your vehicle. You can also photograph any debris left in the area by the accident.

Our lawyers can obtain other information that an accident reconstruction expert might require, like the crash report, by contacting the law enforcement department that responded to the scene of your accident. We can also interview eyewitnesses to get their statements before their memories fade. We can compile all of this information to pass on to an accident reconstruction expert so that they can accurately determine the cause of the accident in question. Such evidence can be useful to your claim, even if you do not have the support of an accident reconstruction expert’s testimony.

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