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How Much Should You Ask For in a Car Accident Settlement?

After getting into a car accident, you may wonder how much compensation you will receive for injuries or damages that occurred at the time of the collision. Your medical bills and costs of damages after an accident are probably high. Therefore, you will want to receive help to cover these losses. 

Dealing with an auto accident is never a fun or enjoyable process. You are probably feeling emotionally damaged and stressed about the overwhelming costs of damages and medical bills. Car accident settlements can help one recover the money they lost due to these costs that caused financial devastation.

Depending on the fault, the other driver involved in the crash may be responsible for paying the medical bills and costs of the accident. When another driver is at fault, his or her insurance company will assist with your financial losses and help you receive compensation. 

In most cases, the settlement total is going to be three times the amount in medical bills you owe. Although this is just a typical guideline for a settlement, many factors go into deciding the average settlement for a car accident case. 

If you believe that your claim is worth anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000, you should demand around $4,000 or $8,000. Your first demand lets the insurance adjuster know that you will not settle for a small sum. Contact an experienced Ocean City car accident attorney to get what you are owed. 

How are Car Accident Settlements Calculated?

The amount of compensation or settlement one would receive is based on the accident that occurred. If only damage to a vehicle was sustained in the crash, you would be reimbursed based on the insurance policy limits. 

To get a general idea of settlement, add up the costs in medical bills, damages, and lost wages, and multiply the sum by three. This may be around the amount in the settlement you can receive after a car accident.

Compensation for pain and suffering is only given to those who are injured in a car accident. it is important to get checked by a medical professional after an accident to ensure that you did not get a concussion or any other injuries from the collision.

Injuries such as concussions or whiplash do not become noticeable until a few days after the event. 

You will need proof of your pain and suffering to receive the settlement you request. Showing medical bills and medical records can help with ensuring that you are satisfied with the settlement. 

To receive compensation for pain and suffering, you must show medical documentation that your injuries from the car accident were treated by a medical professional. 

It is for this reason that you go to a doctor. Also, if you already negotiated a settlement or received compensation before you started feeling symptoms of these types of injuries, you may not receive compensation for the injuries. 

The more severe the accident, the more money one may receive in the settlement. You may also receive more money if the driver at fault was intoxicated at the time of the collision. 

Insurance Companies Will Pay You Less than You Deserve

Insurance companies do not like to pay someone fully for personal injury claims. An insurance company will do anything possible to undermine the claim and underpay the person requesting a particular amount of money. 

Typically, an insurance company will give a lowball offer and hope that you will accept it out of desperation. This is why getting help from a Baltimore car accident lawyer is important when it comes to settlement. You should receive the settlement you deserve. 

Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney?

No, you do not need a car accident attorney after a collision, but one can benefit from working with an experienced Maryland car accident lawyer.

Attorneys can help ensure that you receive all of the compensation that is owed to you. 

Without an attorney’s assistance, an insurance company may take advantage of you and give you less compensation than you deserve. Insurance companies work to save the employer from financial loss.

With this being said, working without an attorney puts you at a disadvantage. 

If you need help settling a car accident claim, look no further! Rice, Mutha, and Psoras Trial Lawyers want to help you or a loved one receive the compensation you deserve after a car accident. Car accidents are stressful and frustrating. Let us help.