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How to Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Macon, GA

After a car accident in Macon, you should report it to the police. When you do, the police will make an accident report that can then be used to file an insurance claim or seek damages in a lawsuit.

Our lawyers can not only help you get a copy of your report, but we can advise you on how to make the best use of it to recover compensation. If you want to get your report quickly, you can purchase one online from one of the approved providers. However, you can also get the report in person from the police or mail your request. Whatever method you prefer, our team can help you gather the information you need to process the request. With your police report, we will have a good understanding of how you were injured. We can then use that information when negotiating your settlement with the insurance company.

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How to Get Your Police Report Online After a Car Accident in Macon, GA

Our team recommends using one of the online options to get your police report the fastest. Unfortunately, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office does not have an online link to directly request reports. However, you can still make an open records request to get your report.

You will need to email the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office directly to request a copy of your crash report. You can do this by following the link provided. You will need to provide basic identification information, as well as a description of the request. Be as specific as you can so that the records department can find your report quickly. Reports are usually $0.10 per page plus administrative costs, so the price of the report will depend on the nature of the case.

If you are having trouble getting your report, though, our Macon personal injury lawyers can help you get it and put it to work in your lawsuit. These reports are vital as they often lead to more evidence and witnesses that can help your case.

Getting Your Macon, GA Car Accident Police Report In Person

You can also get your police report in person if you prefer. To get your report, simply visit the Bibb County Sheriff’s district office closest to you. To be clear, the city of Macon is in Bibb County, so be sure you are not looking at Macon County locations when checking. Just be ready to provide specific information about your accident report and identification to the clerk. Again, the cost of your report will depend on how detailed the accident was. If the report is extensive or includes video evidence, like police body-worn camera footage, the cost will be higher.

The exception to this is if your accident was investigated by the Georgia Highway Patrol. If that’s the case, you will need to locate the GHP post near you to request your report. GHP posts are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Can I get My Police Report for a Macon, GA Car Accident by Mail?

If you do not have online access or prefer having hard copies, you can mail your request for your police report. These requests can be mailed to the Open Records Clerk for the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at the following address:

Bibb County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Open Records / Abbey Robinson

111 3rd Street

Macon, GA 31201

Again, though, you will need to mail your requests to a different address if your accident report was made by the Georgia Highway Patrol. For GHP reports, you need to mail the Records Unit of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. The Georgia DPS requires extensive details for mail-in requests, which you will need to provide. To get a copy of your report this way, mail your requests to the address below:

P.O. Box 1456

Attention: Open Records Unit

Atlanta, GA 30371

If you are being ignored or your request is moving slowly, our lawyers can help speed up the process so you can use your report in your accident claim.

When Will My Police Report Be Available After My Macon, GA Car Accident?

While there is no exact way to know when a police report will be released, it normally happens soon after the accident. Keep in mind that the investigating officers need to prepare the report later. If the accident was serious, it might take more time to prepare the report since there are likely more people involved and more significant injuries to describe.

As such, it usually takes about two weeks before the report is available. Our team can help you get your report if you have been waiting longer than this.

Why is a Police Report Important for a Car Accident Claim in Macon, GA?

Police reports can serve several important functions in your Macon car accident claim. They often provide our attorneys with an initial overview of your accident and who was involved. This can help fill gaps in your story if you do not remember all the details. It will also tell us how the defendant can be contacted if the police interviewed them. The report usually includes the other driver’s name, address, and insurance information. This is important as it tells us where to file the lawsuit against the defendant.

Police reports can also be crucial during insurance negotiations. Contrary to what movies show, police reports usually cannot be submitted as evidence during a trial. However, there is no prohibition on their use during settlement negotiations outside the courtroom. If the police report contains statements from witnesses and observations from the police that make it hard to argue against your claim, the insurance company will likely settle the case rather than pay the expenses of going to trial.

In most cases, the insurance company will want a copy of your police report to process your claim. This helps them confirm that your accident actually occurred. If liability is clear from the police report, getting a settlement might only take as long as it does to gather the evidence you need to prove your damages.

You can also use the collision report to identify witnesses you might not have been able to talk to at the accident scene. Even minor car accidents can be disorienting, and you might not stop to talk to others before going to the hospital. The police will typically interview those on the scene and include their information in the report. After getting your report, we can contact witnesses so they can help your claim.

Our Macon, GA Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Get Your Report and Put it to Work for You

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