How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Frederick, MD

Getting a police report can be a big help when planning out a personal injury case and filing claims for your injuries.  Our lawyers always recommend that you report your case to the police so they can draw up a report, and we recommend that you get a copy before trying to file any sort of injury claim.

In Frederick, MD, police reports are sent to the Central Records Division of the Maryland State Police (MSP).  You can get a copy of the report online, by mail, or by appearing in person at the barrack that filed the report.  No matter how you do it, it costs $4 to get a copy of the report.

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Getting a Frederick, MD Police Report in Person

If you want to get a copy of the police report from your crash in person, you can do so at the barrack that completed the report or at the Central Records Division itself.  However, the Central Records Division is located in Baltimore, so unless you are already in the area for another reason, a two-hour round-trip is probably not the best option for you.

A State Police Barrack is like a local police department or precinct office for the MSP.  Barrack B is the office on Airport Drive East, right at the edge of Frederick, so that is probably the closest location and the Barrack most likely to have handled your case.  You should always double-check with the responding officer as to which barrack will be responsible for the report.

In Baltimore, the Baltimore Police might handle police reports, but everywhere else in the state usually has the MSP handle reports, so you should be able to get your report from the MSP even if local Frederick Police Department officers responded to your accident.

Getting a Frederick, MD Police Report by Mail

If you would like to get your report mailed to you, you can go online and print out a records request form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.  On that form, you can fill in your information online, then click the link at the bottom to populate the filled-in form.  You can then print and mail the form to the Central Records Division at the address listed on the linked page.

However, this process essentially means filling out the form online but then printing it out instead of submitting it online.  Submitting the form online is a bit easier, but if you prefer paper copies, then you can mail this form instead.

Getting a Frederick, MD Police Report Online

The same form listed above can be filled out online and then submitted online to request a copy of a report.  You still need to remit a $4 payment, so be on the lookout for instructions about how to submit that payment if you submit the form online.

When Are Police Reports Available After a Car Accident in Frederick, MD

Under Maryland Law, police must make reports available 10 days after the accident.  Even if the department is very busy, the police report should still be available 10 days after the crash, and you should not have to wait additional time before submitting your request.  If you do face any issues with the report’s availability, our Maryland car accident lawyers can look into things for you.

How Much Does a Police Report Cost in a Frederick, MD Car Accident Case?

As mentioned, the MSP charges $4 for a police report.  This is a relatively low cost, but it must be paid with check or money order.  If you pay in person or by mail, you can deliver the payment when you submit your form.  There does not appear to be a way to pay with cash or credit card.

What Goes into a Police Report in Frederick, MD

Police are supposed to put as much information as they can glean from the accident into your police report.  This usually starts with the information they can obtain themselves by walking around the scene of the accident, checking IDs, and looking at insurance cards.  They might also include information provided to them by witnesses and people involved in the crash.

Generally, the report will contain the officer’s findings about what vehicles were involved (color, make, model, license plate number), who was involved (name, address, contact information), whether participants had insurance, what injuries were sustained, witness information (name, contact information), where the accident occurred, and what the road, weather, and lighting conditions were like.  They will also often draw a diagram of the accident scene, with traffic lights, intersections, roadways, and vehicle locations.

Any other information they can get will also be reported, but a lot of that information will be secondhand info.

Can You Use a Police Report as Evidence in a Frederick, MD Car Accident Lawsuit?

Generally speaking, any statements or records are going to qualify as “hearsay” and be barred from use in court, with a preference given to in-court statements and testimony.  If you can get the police officer to come to court and testify to the same information that would be contained within the report, that will be stronger evidence and will be admissible in court insofar as the officer is testifying about what they personally witnessed.

The police officer cannot testify about any information they got secondhand from another source unless you are having them relay statements made by your opponent in the lawsuit.

You might be able to introduce the police report itself as evidence, but the court may block any parts that are not from the officer’s own knowledge, as well as anything that seems untrustworthy.  However, you can always use the report to help refresh a witness’ recollection of what happened.  Officers often reference their reports to prepare for trial or while they are on the stand, but they might not be able to read the report directly into the record.

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