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When truck accidents happen, there is a good chance that someone involved is getting seriously injured. Commercial trucks can weigh nearly 100,000 pounds when fully loaded with cargo, so the destruction a big-rig vehicle can cause when it gets in an accident is immense. Victims of truck accidents often have life-changing injuries that can require permanent long-term medical care.

If you were in a truck accident and do not know what to do next, our lawyers can help. We can gather evidence, interact with insurance companies, and build a strong case for you to take to court and fight for damages so you can move on after a truck accident.

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Problems with Trucks that Cause Truck Accidents in Lochearn, MD

Commercial trucks undergo a lot of maintenance and repair work to keep them roadworthy. When trucks are not up to standard, problems can pop up that make it dangerous for the vehicle to be on the road. Numerous malfunctions in a semi truck or 18-wheeler can cause accidents if they are not identified and fixed before a commercial truck sets out to its destination.

Tire Blowouts

A popped tire or blowout on any vehicle is dangerous. However, when a tire blowout happens on a truck, the danger is even greater because the mass of the truck can keep it moving out of control and unable to be stopped.

Most of the time, tire blowouts are the result of a problem with the axle of the truck or over/under inflation. Popped tires can also be caused by excessive wear and tear that weakens their structural integrity and diminishes their ability to grip to the road surface. Tires on commercial trucks experience an extreme amount of stressful use over long distances while supporting extremely heavy vehicles, so if the tires of any truck are not routinely swapped out and maintained, they will be more likely to pop while underway and cause an accident.

Malfunctioning Brakes

Defective braking systems on a truck can cause accidents even if the trucker drives in a careful manner. A big and heavy vehicle like a truck might not stop right away, even with perfectly functioning brakes. With defective brakes, a trucker may not be able to bring their vehicle to a stop at all and end up crashing into one or more other vehicles. External corrosion, frozen conditions, and lack of proper maintenance can all cause brakes to fail when they are needed most.

Engine Issues

Truck engines need to output a lot of power to move the amount of weight that they do. The engines of every vehicle need upkeep after a certain amount of time. When a truck engine needs to be worked on, there are signs that there is a problem, like worse mileage, strange noises coming from the engine itself, and potentially large amounts of exhaust billowing out of the vehicle. If trucking companies ignore these signs of a malfunctioning engine, trucks will get into accidents when the engine ultimately fails.

Lighting Problems

Faulty electrical systems on a commercial truck can affect the transmission, ignition, and, potentially most importantly, the front and rear lights of the truck. Working lights are necessary for trucks and other motorists to stay safe on the road. A truck without working lights will make it more difficult for the driver to see in poor visibility conditions like foggy weather or nighttime. Additionally, other drivers may not be able to see a truck in these same conditions without its lights on.

Types of Truck Accidents in Lochearn, MD

Truck accidents can happen in many different ways. Different conditions and circumstances can lead to different kinds of truck accidents. Moreover, getting into the details of your specific truck accident is very important to our truck accident lawyers because it helps sculpt the argument you will be bringing to court. We will go over some common types of truck accidents that can happen around Lochearn below.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are when the front portions of two vehicles run into each other in an accident. Head-on collisions are especially dangerous because they usually occur when one vehicle is not staying in its lane and hits oncoming traffic. Generally, the two driver sides of the front are the areas of the vehicle that will hit each other. When a truck is involved in a head-on collision of this type, the driver of the other vehicle is in serious danger of permanent injury or death. However, the truck driver might be slightly better off because they sit higher than ordinary vehicles and may not face the full force of the impact.

Wide Turn Accidents

Wide turn accidents are when a trucker makes a turn that their vehicle cannot safely clear and hits another vehicle in the process. Big, heavy trucks require much more space to make a turn than an ordinary sedan, and truck drivers need to be aware of this and pay attention to their surroundings when making a turn. Additionally, attempting a turn at high speed in a truck can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle because of the momentum gained by the truck. In extreme cases, an overly wide turn may cause the truck to tip over on its side.

Lost/Unsecured Loads

If a truck’s cargo is not properly secured, it can cause the vehicle to be weighted to one side and not act as it should. The driver may not be able to predict how the truck will act and could get into an accident. Additionally, unsecured cargo could jettison from the vehicle if the doors to the rear compartment are not shut, and the debris can hit other vehicles on the road.

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