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Back pain, back, lumbar, spinal cord, car accidentHow To Identify The Severity Of a Back Injury Sustained In A Car Accident

Getting in a car accident is certainly a less than ideal situation, but it happens to many of us every single day. Though many are lucky to only get into a minor car accident, even minor accidents can leave us with aches and pains and even full blown injuries.

Back pain after car accident is not uncommon, but it is important to take it seriously and always get it checked out by a medical professional.

What might back pain after car accident feel like?

It’s important to remember that every car accident is different, meaning that injuries may manifest in different ways. Combine that with the fact that everyone experiences pain differently and you’ll realize that it can be hard to pinpoint just one way that you may experience the aftermath of a car accident.

It is also possible for minor back pain after car accident incident to be more serious than it initially seems. These types of injuries are often referred to as delayed injuries, and can remain minor or progress to become more serious.

As it is impossible to tell from initial levels of pain alone how serious an injury might be and whether or not there has been internal damage even if there is no outward injury, it is important to be immediately assessed by a medical professional before making the choice to go home.

If you have back pain days after car accident incident, it is important to take is seriously as an untreated injury could potentially result in chronic lower back pain after car accident, an all too common concern among many car accident victims.

What types of back injuries might occur during a car accident?

First, it is important to classify the type of injury that you sustained, as it will impact the treatment you receive and potentially your overall prognosis as well. The most popularly occurring injury in a car accident, one that often results in back pain after car accident and even long term back pain after car accident, is the impact injury.

man, stretcher, hurt, accident, painImpact Injury in a Car Crash

An impact injury occurs most frequently because of impact between the victim’s body and the interior of the car, which is common in car accidents, particularly those roll the car or otherwise significantly move it. If a passenger is ejected from the vehicle, it is even more likely that an impact injury, particularly one of a serious or even fatal nature, will be sustained.

There are a number of components that will determine the severity of the impact injury the victim sustains, among which are velocity as well as both the time in which the impact occurred and the direction that it occurred in.

An impact injury, especially a serious one, can easily affect the condition of the spinal cord, which can be dislocated as well as fractured, both conditions requiring a considerable recovery period.

However, most serious of all is the severing of the spinal cord after an impact injury, which can result in lifelong paralysis and often leads to immediate death, depending on the part of the spinal cord that was severed.

Whiplash is often the cause of many neck and back related injuries and while whiplash can be very mild and often requires no treatment or medical follow up after the initial examination, it has the potential to lead to lifelong or even deadly consequences.

Vertebrae Slipping During an Automobile Accident

Slipping of the vertebrae is also not uncommon during a car accident, and typically occurs in the lower back. Though people are genetically predisposed to this kind of back injury, it is most often aggravated and brought into light by a significant trauma, for which a car accident, particularly a major one, fits the bill.

This type of back injury can result in overall stiffness, muscle weakness, and pain that originates in the lower back but continues to radiate down the legs of the car accident victim.

nerve, cells, damageNerve Damage Injuries After an Accident

Nerve damage can also be the unfortunate result of a back injury sustained in a car accident. This nerve damage is caused by injuries that put pressure on the nerve roots, which can lead to considerable levels of pain, as well as numbness and tingling in different parts of the body, from the face to the extremities.

Such nerve damage and pain is most frequently managed through the use of over the counter painkillers such as Aleve, Advil, and Ibuprofen, among others. In serious cases, steroids may also be prescribed to aid pain management and relief. Physical therapy is often recommended and patients that follow the recommended treatment course typically report some relief of their symptoms and pain.

Penetration Injury From an Collision

The second common type of car accident injury seen is that of a penetration injury. Penetration injuries tend to be as severe if not more severe than impact injuries, as they have the probability to damage vital organs and structures within the human body. A penetration injury, even if it misses all of the crucial organs, still has the potential to lead to long lasting back pain.

What Can I Do About These Back Injuries?

Fortunately, even for the most serious of back injuries, there are typically courses of treatment available. Some of these treatments will not be able to fix the injury and will only serve to relieve pain, but a pain management team can help to make enduring your injury as comfortable as possible.

pills, medication, pain killersPainkillers

Painkillers, both over the counter and prescribed, are often recommended, particularly in the initial stages of injury. Physical therapy is another method of healing and pain relief, and can strengthen the muscles that may have been damaged in the back, promoting their healing.


Finally, surgery is sometimes required in the case of serious back injuries resulting from major car accidents. Surgery can help to repair disks and other damage done to the structures of the back.

However, it is more than likely that these medical treatments will be expensive. Though insurance will cover a portion of the costs, it is not likely to adequately cover all of them. In these situations, it is in your best interests to hire a personal injury lawyer, particularly one specializing in car accident injuries.

What Can A Car Accident Lawyer Do?

A car accident lawyer can help to determine liability in the accident through a series of reconstruction of the event itself. In many cases, if the other driver is found to be at fault, the victim of the car accident will be owed a settlement.

A settlement can be gained by filling a personal injury suit under the advice of a car accident lawyer. Though this process can be long, it is unlikely that your personal injury case will ever see the inside of the courtroom, as the vast majority of personal injury cases (as much as 96%) are able to be settled before they are seen before a judge or a jury.