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Every parent hopes that their child will be born healthy, which is why it can be concerning if you notice that your child appears to have difficulty with mobility in their arm. Under some circumstances, an arm bent in towards the body could mean that an infant suffered some physical trauma during birth due to malpractice. If you notice that your child’s arm appears injured after delivery, you should consult with an experienced Maryland attorney for infant arm birth injuries.

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Common Birth Injuries that Cause an Infant’s Arm to Bend Towards Body

Children are often extremely flexible and can be comfortable in a wide variety of positions that may seem unnatural or even impossible for an adult. However, it is also important to understand that a child could have an unusual posture due to a more serious health reason. If your infant’s arm constantly bends in towards their body, this may be the result of a birth injury sustained during delivery. the following is a list of common birth injuries that can explain why an infant bends their arm towards their body.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that typically causes issues with a child’s motor functions and muscles. A child living with cerebral palsy may appear to make sudden jerking movements and may have issues with controlling certain parts of their body. As a result, a child may rest their arm in an awkward position towards their body because they cannot control it.

A cerebral palsy birth injury is often the result of medical malpractice. Specifically, a child with cerebral palsy likely suffered brain damage due to a loss of oxygen or sustained physical trauma to the head due to medical negligence. If a doctor was responsible for an infant developing cerebral palsy, they could be held liable for their negligent actions.

Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia is a medical condition that occurs when an infant’s arm becomes stuck in the birth canal, which may cause severe nerve damage to the brachial plexus. the brachial plexus is a network of nerves around the shoulder and other areas of the body that controls movement in a person’s hand and arms. the nerve damage to the brachial plexus can cause a child to hold their arm in a certain direction to avoid pain and discomfort.

Shoulder dystocia often happens because a child is larger than average or because a mother’s pelvis bones are too small to safely deliver the child. As a result, a doctor should discuss the possibility of a cesarean section with the mother.

Many cases of shoulder dystocia arise because a doctor incorrectly used birth-assisting instruments to deliver a child. Specifically, if a doctor exercises too much force or attaches the instrument to the wrong area of the body, this may cause an injury to the brachial plexus. Prolonged labor is another common cause of shoulder dystocia.

Brain Hemorrhage

A brain hemorrhage happens when the brain is flooded with blood, usually because the infant suffered a traumatic brain injury. There are a number of ways that a fragile infant could suffer a brain hemorrhage at birth. For example, if the doctor overseeing the pregnancy pulls too hard when removing the child from the birth canal, this can easily injure the fragile newborn.

Flooding of the brain with blood could cause an infant to experience partial paralysis, which can explain why they may hold their arm in unnatural positions.

Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is another form of a brachial plexus injury that affects the nerves near a person’s neck, collarbone, and shoulder. Due to this severe injury, an infant may have difficulty with moving an arm or could suffer paralysis in their arm.

There are other birth injuries that are linked to paralysis or pain in an infant’s arm. If your child was injured due to medical negligence, allow our Maryland medical malpractice lawyer to work with you to fight for the compensation you and your child deserve.

When to File a Maryland Birth Injury Lawsuit that Caused an Infant Arm to Bend in Toward Body

The legal team at Rice, Murtha & Psoras can help you file a lawsuit against the doctor responsible for your child’s injuries. We will look at the details of your case to determine the appropriate action to take to pursue damages.

It is important to note that a victim of a birth injury only has five years to pursue a lawsuit against a doctor due to the statute of limitations. If you only discovered the injury long after delivery, you would have to three years to file your case. Waiting too long to file your case can cause you to lose the opportunity to pursue compensation.

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