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Surgical mesh is used in many procedures, including surgery to treat hernias. the mesh used in these surgeries is intended to support weak muscles and tissue to prevent hernias from recurring and to help you get better. However, mistakes with how mesh is used, unnecessary use of mesh, or use of recalled or dangerous surgical mesh products can leave a patient with further complications and harms.
If you or a loved one received hernia surgery and had complications involving surgical mesh or you later learned that the mesh used in your hernia repair has been recalled, contact Rice, Murtha & Psoras today. Our Maryland attorneys for injuries and deaths caused by hernia mesh may be able to help you and your family seek compensation for your injuries and any additional medical care you needed because of surgical negligence, defective medical devices, and other harms. For a free legal consultation on your case, call us today at (410) 694-7291.

Common Complications with Hernia Mesh Implants

Surgical mesh is a piece of soft, flexible material placed inside of the body during surgery. This mesh is often left inside to provide additional structural support. Hernia repair surgeries typically take a piece of tissue that has slipped out of place and repair the bulge and the tissue that it slipped through. Mesh can be an excellent tool in this kind of procedure because it can be used to reinforce the tissue and prevent a hernia from slipping through again, or it can hold the bulged tissue in place. Weakened muscle and other tissue might be unable to stop future hernias without this kind of reinforcement, so hernia mesh is sometimes necessary.
However, the fact that the mesh might be necessary does not excuse complications or problems with the mesh or the way it was implanted. Complications from hernia mesh can include things like infections or pain, but many of these complications are common and expected in any surgical procedure, let alone procedures involving medical implants. Other more painful and dangerous complications, however, might be unacceptable.
Hernia mesh might improperly adhere to the tissue around it, causing complications in how that tissue moves or functions. the mesh could also perforate or damage the surrounding tissue as the patient recovers and begins moving around again. Improper placement and other issues could also cause internal bleeding or excessive bleeding and other complications. Many of these issues are more common with mesh that has been recalled – and using recalled mesh could be a serious danger to the patient.

Suing Medical Device Manufacturers for Surgical Mesh Injuries

Many cases of defective or dangerous surgical mesh can allow you to sue the medical device company that manufactured the surgical mesh. Medical device companies have a strict process they need to follow to get medical devices approved or cleared by the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Without FDA approval, medical devices and implants like surgical mesh should not be used in medical procedures. Even some devices that are “cleared” by the FDA but not “approved” might not be safe. the FDA also works as a watchdog, making the public aware of recalled and dangerous devices or companies that they should avoid. If the company that produced the mesh used in your surgery failed to get approval, hid evidence of defects from the FDA, or otherwise put dangerous products on the market, you might be entitled to sue the manufacturer for damages.
Surgical mesh can cause serious complications and even death after a hernia procedure. In cases of injury or death that can be linked back to manufacturing defects, design defects, or other mistakes made by the manufacturer of the mesh, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries from the manufacturer,

Suing Doctors for Hernia Mesh Malpractice Injuries

In some cases, the injuries you or a member of your family faced may have been caused by the doctor’s negligent care rather than a problem with the mesh itself. Hernia mesh is not always necessary in a hernia repair operation. Moreover, there are many types of mesh and, depending on the specific location in the body and other factors, a doctor may choose to use different types of mesh. Doctors may make mistakes in either of these choices, installing mesh unnecessarily or electing to use the wrong kind of mesh. In either of these cases, complications may be the doctor’s fault.
Surgeons can also commit errors in how they place the mesh. If your doctor commits an error, the mesh might be less likely to be effective or it could cause additional complications and injuries because of where or how it was placed. In these cases, you might also be able to sue the doctor.
To succeed in a medical malpractice claim against your doctor for mistakes installing hernia mesh, you will typically need to prove what the doctor did wrong and what they should have done differently. This often means hiring a medical expert who can testify in court on your behalf. the medical expert your lawyer chooses will typically be another doctor that performs similar medical procedures and can speak to what the proper standard of care is in a procedure like yours.

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