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Despite taking numerous safety precautions, a pedestrian might still be injured in an accident because of a negligent driver. In such cases, an attorney can help injured pedestrians get justice in the courtroom.

Pedestrian accidents often happen in places where people on foot come close to the road or traffic. Parking lots, sidewalks, and crosswalks are some of the more usual areas for pedestrian accidents. You can often name the driver who hit you in a lawsuit, but other drivers and possibly third parties might also be named and held liable. Evidence collection should begin as soon as possible at the scene of the accident. An attorney can help you find additional evidence to strengthen your case. Both economic and non-economic damages may add up to significant compensation, especially if your injuries are severe.

A pedestrian accident can quickly become a dire emergency, and you should contact an attorney as quickly as possible. Call our pedestrian accident lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claims. Call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291.

How Pedestrian Accidents Can Happen in Montgomery County, MD

While many people think of pedestrian accidents as happening in the street, the truth is that they often happen where pedestrians are expected and have a right to be. Our pedestrian accident lawyers can help you hold the negligent driver responsible for your injuries.

Parking lots and garages are common locations for pedestrian accidents. First, these are places where people are always coming and going on foot. Second, drivers tend to let their guards down in parking lots and garages because they are off the street and usually drive a bit slower. Whether you are in the parking lot of a store or a parking garage downtown, there is a risk of being hit by a reckless driver. Even at slow speeds, an accident might be dangerous.

Sidewalks are another common place for pedestrian accidents, given their proximity to the street. Generally, pedestrians should be able to expect a greater degree of safety on the sidewalk since drivers are not permitted to be there. Unfortunately, a negligent or intoxicated driver might lose control of their vehicle and end up striking a pedestrian.

Crosswalks are probably one of the first places to come to mind when discussing pedestrian accidents. Even if a pedestrian exercises all reasonable caution when crossing the street, it only takes one driver whose not paying attention to cause a severe accident.

Whom to Name in a Lawsuit for a Pedestrian Accident in Montgomery County, MD

When our pedestrian accident attorneys help you file your lawsuit, it is important to make sure the appropriate parties are named as defendants. In some cases, it might seem obvious who caused the accident and should be held liable. Other times, identifying all the defendants is a tricky process.

There is at least one negligent driver in pedestrian accident cases. The driver who hit you and is the direct cause of your injuries should be named as a defendant. If only one driver is involved, then only one defendant will probably be named. Although drivers are required to stay and wait for the police after a collision, some drivers flee the scene. If you were a hit and run victim, we might need to work with the police to locate the defendant before filing your lawsuit.

Multiple drivers contributed to the accident in other cases, and all should be named in your lawsuit. For example, many rear-ending collisions cause a chain reaction that results in a pedestrian being struck and injured. If we believe more than one driver is at fault, we can name all of them in your lawsuit.

Sometimes, third parties not directly involved in the accident can also be held liable. For example, suppose the driver who hit you was driving as a part of their job (e.g., taxi drivers, delivery drivers, bus drivers). In that case, we can also sue their employer and hold them vicariously liable.

How to Collect Evidence for a Montgomery County, MD Pedestrian Accident Case

The process of gathering evidence should begin almost immediately. Even before you contact an attorney, there are steps you can take to collect evidence before it is lost. Our pedestrian accident lawyers can help you gather the strongest evidence possible to support your claims.

The first step you should take after a pedestrian accident is to exchange information with people at the scene, including drivers and potential witnesses. While your primary focus should be on getting emergency help, we need the names and information about the drivers and potential witnesses. This information will be necessary when we file the lawsuit and present witnesses.

While you wait for help to arrive, you should photograph the scene. However, if you are badly injured, do not move and wait for help to arrive. If you can take photos of the accident scene, you might preserve important details that could be lost when the police clear the scene.

Your medical records are an important piece of evidence for when we go to establish the extent of your injuries and the costs of medical treatment. You are unlikely to win a lawsuit if you cannot show proof of injuries and damages.

Potential Damages in a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit in Montgomery County, MD

The damages in pedestrian accidents can be staggeringly high. Since pedestrians are not protected at all, the injuries from the crash can be traumatic and long-lasting. This also means that economic and non-economic damages are usually considerable. Our pedestrian accident lawyers can help you calculate these damages to get the maximum compensation possible.

Economic damages concern the money you lost or spent because of the accident. Chief among these damages are medical bills. Since pedestrians are so often badly injured in collisions with vehicles, the costs of their medical care can be quite high. You might also claim the value of lost wages from missing work and the cost to replace any destroyed personal belongings.

Non-economic damages are a bit more ephemeral as they involve injuries that do not necessarily cost any money. Pain, suffering, humiliation, and other painful experiences may be added to your non-economic damages.

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