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Even the most skilled and qualified attorneys have trouble representing every client that comes to them for help. In many cases, the best thing an attorney can do to help a potential client is refer them to another attorney.

You should consider referring a client with a personal injury case for several good reasons. Perhaps you are not licensed to practice law in Maryland, or maybe you do not work in personal injury law at all. Still, you might already have a full caseload, and taking on another client is simply not an option. Our personal injury lawyers can offer help in numerous areas of personal injury law in Maryland, including auto accidents, product liability, premises liability, and more. Our team can help you with cases outside your jurisdiction or normal practice area, so you are not burdened with an unworkable caseload.

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When to Consider Referring a Personal Injury Case in Montgomery County, MD

Many attorneys are hesitant to refer clients to someone else because they feel like they are giving up or not trying hard enough. The truth of the matter is that referring a client might be the best way you can help them. Clients’ cases might be beyond your reach for a variety of reasons, and our attorneys for personal injury case referrals can assist you.

One good reason to refer your client’s personal injury case is that you are not licensed in Maryland. Since attorneys can only practice law in states where they are admitted to the bar, they cannot accept clients whose cases are from other states. Perhaps you live in Delaware or Pennsylvania, very near the Maryland border. You likely get several people from Maryland asking for help, but you cannot represent them because of jurisdictional issues.

You might also want to consider referring a client’s personal injury case if you do not normally handle personal injury cases. The field of personal injury law is broad, to say the least. A huge variety of cases might be considered personal injury cases. Sometimes, a client comes in with a case outside your normal practice area. If you believe the client would be better served by a personal injury lawyer, a referral might be in order.

Sometimes, an attorney is too busy to take on another client. While you might be capable of helping a new client with their personal injury case, it might not be a good idea if you have a full caseload. Being stretched too thin often means you cannot devote adequate time and effort to each case you have. New clients can be referred to our lawyers for a personal injury case referral.

Cases Our Montgomery County, MD Attorneys for Personal Injury Case Referrals Can Help With

As mentioned before, the personal injury legal field is vast, encompassing numerous cases and claims that many attorneys do not normally work with. Our attorneys for a personal injury case referral can assist you with various personal injury claims, including, but not limited to, the following cases.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are some of the most common kinds of personal injury claims. In many instances, car accidents might involve someone from Maryland – which is why they come to you for help – but the accident occurred in another state. Unless you are also licensed to practice law in that other state, you might need to refer the case.

Amusement Park Injuries

Amusement park injuries often make headlines because these are places where people expect to have fun with their families and not encounter unsafe conditions. Accidents involving roller coasters, rides, games, and generally unsafe conditions in the park might lead to personal injury claims. Often, attorneys who do not normally work with amusement park cases are unsure how to proceed, as the entire park can be sued. Additionally, many people travel out of state to visit amusement parks in Maryland, and you might need a referral.

Premises Liability

If your client slipped and fell or was injured by hazards or unsafe conditions on another person’s, they might come to you with a premises liability claim. Premises liability is a facet of personal injury law in which a defendant may be held liable because they own the property where the accident occurred.

Injuries at Work

Work injuries can be complicated, depending on what kind of job the client has and whether Workers’ Compensation laws prevent the client from suing their employer. Our attorneys for personal injury case referrals can help the client navigate the judicial process in Maryland and hopefully sue their employer for the compensation they deserve.

Product Liability

If the client was injured because of a defective product or good, we can help them sue the manufacturer and anyone else in the chain of sale. Injuries in product liability cases can be severe depending on the defective item involved.

How Our Montgomery County, MD Attorneys for Personal Injury Case Referrals Can Assist Your Client

If you are unsure about taking on a new client, you can contact our attorneys for personal injury case referrals for assistance. Our team can provide legal representation in the State of Maryland when you might be licensed in a different state.

We also handle a variety of personal injury cases and claims that might be outside your normal area of practice. For example, if you ordinarily work in cases involving wills, trusts, and probate law, our team can step in and take on your client’s personal injury case.

Finally, you can contact our team for help alleviating your already hectic caseload. Remember, as much as you want to dedicate yourself to each client, you cannot stretch yourself too thin. Otherwise, the client might not receive the attention they need.

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