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While having a baby is supposed to be a very happy occasion, it can quickly become a nightmare. Birth injuries often lead to life-long complications and disabilities, and you should hold negligent doctors accountable.

Brain damage, cerebral palsy, and nerve and muscular impairments are all potential birth injuries. How these injuries happen varies from case to case, but they often stem from doctor negligence. Various parties, including doctors, nurses, and the hospital, might be liable for the injuries. Your damages might be quite substantial. Not only should you claim any current medical bills, but you should also estimate the costs of future medical care for your child’s injuries and potential disabilities. On top of all that, we must consider your deep pain, suffering, and anguish. Much of our evidence will come from medical records related to the pregnancy and birth. We will also likely need help from medical experts who can review your records and testify about how the injuries occurred.

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Examples of Birth Injuries in Parkville, MD

Birth injuries are often very traumatic for both infants and parents. In many cases, infants are left with severe, painful injuries. These injuries do not always fully heal, and the infant might have to live with long-term or permanent complications, injuries, or disabilities.

Brain damage is a common yet serious consequence of birth injury accidents. In some cases, brain damage is minimal and might not affect the infant’s life long-term. Others are not nearly as fortunate. Brain damage can be extreme, and life-long disabilities are not uncommon. Brain damage might be involved in various diagnoses, and you should speak to a doctor immediately if you suspect your infant experienced brain damage because of a birth injury.

Cerebral palsy is a common birth injury diagnosis. The condition is more like a collection of conditions and disorders rather than a singular one. Cerebral palsy affects a person’s ability to move and balance and might present with various other motor disabilities. The condition is often caused by brain damage before, during, or shortly after birth.

Another potential birth injury might involve nerve damage. For example, a brachial plexus birth injury happens when an infant’s arm or should is pushed, pulled, or twisted during delivery. The nerves running from the neck down to the arms might be damaged, and the infant might experience muscle weakness and numbness. Children often grow up with muscle weakness and painful nerve damage.

Who is Legally Responsible for a Birth Injury in Parkville, MD?

Understanding exactly what caused your child’s injuries at birth is important so our birth injury lawyers can help you identify the liable parties. Often, the doctor handling the delivery is primarily responsible for birth injuries. Nurses might be implicated too. The hospital should also be named in a lawsuit as they employed the negligent medical professionals.

Doctors have a duty to provide their patients with a certain level of care. If the medical treatment falls below the standard of care, the doctor may be liable for the resulting injuries. Proving that the doctor or nurses provided treatment below the standard of care can be challenging.

If the doctors or nurses made mistakes that a reasonable medical professional under the same conditions likely would have made, there might not be any negligence. However, if no doctor or nurse would have made such mistakes, you might have a legal claim for damages.

Damages You Should Claim in a Parkville, MD Birth Injury Case

Damages in birth injury cases might be substantial. We can help you account for any current medical bills and future medical expenses necessary for your child. We must not overlook the immense pain and distress your family experienced because of the birth injuries.

Economic Costs

Medical bills related to the birth should be added to your damages. Bills from the delivery room are not cheap, and you should not have to foot the bill when the doctor seriously injured you or your child during the birth. On top of that, your child might need extensive medical care to treat their injuries, and those costs should be added to your damages.

Unfortunately, many injured infants experience permanent disabilities or require life-long care. We can help you estimate the value of future medical costs for your child and add them to your damages.

Non-Economic Injuries

Not all damages are rooted in monetary costs. Some of the most significant damage in a lawsuit is based on emotional injuries. In birth injury cases, emotions run high, and families may claim significant damages for emotional pain and psychological distress.

We can help you argue that your emotional damages should encompass current and future conditions related to the birth injury. Many parents have to drastically alter their lives and plans for the future to take care of children who suffered birth injuries.

Finding the Right Evidence for Your Parkville, MD Birth Injury Lawsuit

The key piece of evidence in our case will likely be medical records. Any prenatal treatment, the delivery, and postnatal treatment should have been thoroughly recorded in your hospital records by hospital staff. These records are paramount to your case as they shed light on what the doctors and nurses did or did not do that might have affected the birth injuries.

Since medical records tend to be complicated, and they are often understood only by medical professionals, we might need an expert witness to review these records and testify to a jury. Our expert should be another doctor with experience and knowledge in birth and birth injuries. Our expert can explain the medical records and offer their opinion as to whether the defendant provided treatment within the standards of care.

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