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Can You Sue For an Injury At Towson University?

Towson University, just north of Baltimore, is home to nearly 20,000 students.  These students expect to go about their studies, enjoy their time at college, and graduate with a degree that can help them in their careers.  Unfortunately, many students face interruptions to this plan by being involved in tragic accidents.

Many accidents may occur off campus, such as auto accidents, but for injuries sustained on campus, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the University for damages.  At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, our personal injury lawyers for Towson University students injured on campus represent students and their families in lawsuits against the college and other responsible parties to help you get the compensation you need for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.  If you or your child was injured as a student at Towson, call our law offices today to schedule a free legal consultation.  Our number is (410) 694-7291.

Suing a College for Personal Injuries in Towson, MD

To sue a college for injuries, you must prove that the University or its staff was somehow “negligent” in causing your injuries.  Negligence is a term of art in the law and means that the at-fault party’s actions toward the victim satisfy the following four factors:

  1. The at-fault party owed the victim a duty.
  2. The at-fault party breached that duty.
  3. The breach of duty caused the victim’s injuries.
  4. The victim suffered harm, known as “damages,” that the at-fault party can compensate them for.

The duty that the college owes the student depends on the situation.  A college is many things to a student: landlord, security staff, transportation provider.

Depending on the specific situation, the duty and how it was breached will change.  the following are all common examples of areas where a university may owe its students a duty and examples of how that duty could be breached:

  • A university owes students living in their dorms security and safety. Allowing trespassers into the building or failing to ensure the building meets safety codes could put students at risk.
  • A university with maintenance vehicles or a campus shuttle owes students the duty to have its staff drive safely and reasonably. A vehicle that hits a student or a shuttle driver that causes an accident and injures students on board could cause serious harm that breaches that duty.
  • A university with dining halls owes its students and other customers clean food that is safe to eat. Cross-contaminating food, serving expired food, or serving food with unsafe bacteria could cause injuries and food poisoning.
  • As the property owner, a university has a duty to clear away snow and ice and ensure that its premises have no hidden dangers, such as exposed wiring, fire hazards, or other safety issues that could cause accidental injury.
  • A university with campus security or campus police owes its students reasonable levels of safety. Failing to provide adequate safety could lead to injuries which the university might share responsibility for.

Your attorney can help you understand if the college carries some responsibility in your injury case.  These are not the only types of duties that a school might owe a student, and the university may be responsible for a broad range of injuries on their campus.

Damages for Injuries Occurring on Campus at Towson University

After an injury, you may be able to claim “damages” in court.  the goal of claiming these damages is to put you back where you were before the injury.  While money may not be able to reverse the injuries to your body or the mental and emotional impact of the accident, it can cover the balance of any expenses the injury caused you.  Other noneconomic damages can also be paid to cover the intangible harms you faced.

Economic damages typically include the value of expenses resulting from the injury.  Medical expenses are one of the most common damages you can claim in a personal injury lawsuit.  You did not ask for the injuries you received, and so you should not be the one to pay for the bills.  In cases where someone else caused your injuries, you can usually claim the full value of all medical expenses and other expenses stemming from the injury.

You can also claim damages for lost wages.  If you missed work because of the injury, the person who harmed you should pay for the wages you missed.  For many college students, missing work might not be an issue if you do not have a job.  However, if the injury is severe enough, it may stop you from being able to continue your college education and may lead to permanent injuries and disabilities.  If these issues affect your future earning capacity, you can sue for that lost capacity.

Damages for pain and suffering typically make up the noneconomic damages you can claim in your injury case.  These damages pay you directly for the physical pain and suffering you faced.  While this money cannot reverse the injuries, it can attempt to compensate you for the harm, potentially resulting in high damages.

For help understanding what your case is worth, talk to a lawyer.  Never rely on the word of insurance companies or the at-fault party when calculating the damages in your case, as these parties do not represent you or your interests.

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