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Motorcycles are chosen as a mode of transportation by many Americans for a lot of different reasons. They are compact, very fuel efficient when compared to cars, and, for many, a great deal of fun to ride. Unfortunately, motorcycles and motorcycle riders are no more immune from getting into auto accidents than sedans or SUVs. When motorcyclists do get in accidents, they are much less protected than people in cars, so the injuries they receive can be quite nasty and, unfortunately, expensive to treat.

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you need experienced legal help. We can offer just that. Our lawyers have represented plaintiffs injured in motorcycle accidents in the past, and we are now ready to help you with your case. We can collect evidence, talk to witnesses and adverse parties, and fight hard for you in court so that you can get the financial compensation that you are owed in a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

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Injuries in Potomac, MD Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists, even when wearing full protective gear, can suffer very serious injuries when they are involved in accidents. One of the reasons for this is that motorcycle riders are much more exposed than drivers of cars and, furthermore, are not afforded the many safety features present in many motor vehicles. Below are some of the injuries you may have sustained in your motorcycle accident that our motorcycle accident lawyers can represent you for.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are quite common in motorcycle accidents. The force of an oncoming vehicle hitting a rider dead center can easily snap limbs or otherwise fracture bones in the body. While all fractures will likely require a sling, cast, or other immobilizing device to heal, serious breaks such as compound fractures may require surgery and other procedures as well. Additionally, you may need to undergo a strength training regimen after you recover to get strength back in the affected area of the body.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen in motorcycle accidents even when the rider is wearing a certified and effective motorcycle helmet. A TBI is caused by a hard impact on the head that damages the brain. The effects of traumatic brain injuries are not to be taken lightly. So-called “mild” TBIs, more commonly known as concussions, can result in difficulty remembering things, sensitivity to light and sound, and mood swings. Moreover, repeated concussions tend to make the effects exponentially worse.

More serious traumatic brain injuries can have very scary side effects. It is possible to lose basic functions like the ability to speak, walk, or fine motor skills. Permanent cognitive or short-term memory issues are also possible. In extreme cases, a serious TBI can be the cause of someone’s death.

Burns and Bruises

Brushing is caused by blunt force breaking blood vessels under the skin. The result of blood pooling under the skin is the distinctive black and blue mark of a bruise. While bruising is not a serious condition on its own, severe bruising over a large area of the body can be indicative of a much more dangerous condition, like internal bleeding.

Burns can happen in motorcycle accidents if a gas tank ruptures and ignites. However, another kind of burn that people may not always think about is a friction burn. This is when part of the body is scraped and burnt as it slides across a rough surface. This can happen when a motorcyclist skids across the ground or is flung from their bike during an accident.


It may be grisly to think about, but amputation can happen as a result of a motorcycle accident. Sometimes, a limb may be too damaged for medical professionals to save, or it may become infected, and that infection may spread to the rest of the body if not isolated. The only solution may be to amputate.

The other way that amputation can happen in a motorcycle accident is what is called a traumatic amputation. This is when the forces of the accident remove a limb rather than it being done in a medical setting. Such amputations can result in a fatal amount of blood loss and need emergency medical attention if the victim wants a chance at survival.

What if I was not Wearing a Helmet in My Potomac, MD Motorcycle Accident?

A helmet is a key part of any motorcyclist’s safety gear. It protects one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, your skull. Nevertheless, many motorcycle riders choose not to wear a helmet some or all of the time. Additionally, you may have the bad luck of getting into an accident as you are donning or taking off your motorcycle helmet, as at those points in time, it is not doing its job of protecting your head and neck.

Under Md. Code, Transp. Art., § 21-1306, you are required by law to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Initially, this may appear to be a big blow against your case if you were not wearing a helmet when you got in a motorcycle accident. However, under Md. Code, Transp. Art, § 21-1306(2), the fact that you were not wearing a helmet cannot be used against you by opposing lawyers or even mentioned at all as part of the injury case. However, this does not apply if the protective qualities of the helmet are specifically at issue in the case. In those instances, whether or not you were wearing a motorcycle helmet is fair game for the other side to bring up in court.

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