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Being hit by a car while walking through a crosswalk or along the side of the road could leave you with substantial or even life-threatening injuries.  If you suffered serious pedestrian accident injuries, you should consider calling an attorney right away for help getting compensation for your injuries.

Medical bills can be incredibly costly after a pedestrian accident, and if you are out of work because of the injuries, it could be impossible to afford these costs.  However, if your accident was caused by a negligent driver, the law is on your side, and our attorneys can fight to have that driver pay your damages for you.  We can also fight to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

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How Pedestrians Get Compensated for Car Accidents in Potomac, MD

You might be familiar with the fact that, after a car crash, drivers and passengers can typically file claims with the at-fault driver’s insurance to get their damages paid.  Even if you were hit while walking, this same system applies, and victims of pedestrian accidents can get compensation through car insurance claims.  However, it is important not to trust the insurance companies and not to take any money without reviewing your case with a lawyer first.  In many cases, you might be entitled to file your case as a lawsuit instead if negotiations with the insurance company break down.

Proving Fault in Potomac, MD

If you were hit by another driver, their insurance is unlikely to simply admit that their driver was at fault and pay you what they owe you.  Before you can receive payment, you will have to provide evidence that the driver caused the crash.  The same is true in a lawsuit.

To prove that the driver caused the crash, you must have evidence that they committed a traffic violation.  Alternatively, you can show that they did something unsafe that goes against what a reasonable driver would have done in the same situation.  These violations are considered a breach of the legal duties that the driver owed you, which forms the basis of most auto accident claims.

When it comes to the laws of pedestrians and cars, there are a few important laws that could be used to prove fault.  First, drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, and they cannot pass another driver who is waiting for someone to cross at the crosswalk.  At the same time, pedestrians must obey traffic signals, so they should not step out in front of vehicles when instructed not to.  Second, drivers must yield to pedestrians while turning.  If those pedestrians have a proper signal, they are legally crossing, and the driver must yield.  Third, drivers must pass cautiously when pedestrians are walking along a road that has no sidewalks.

Many pedestrian accident cases involve potential issues with the pedestrian’s actions as well.  If the pedestrian crossed outside a crosswalk, suddenly stepped into the street, was walking on the street when a sidewalk was available, or committed another traffic violation, the driver might be able to deny fault and blame the victim for causing the crash.  Our pedestrian accident lawyers will fight to shift the blame back to the driver and help you prove fault.

Filing an Insurance Claim vs. a Lawsuit

To get compensation, you will need to either file an insurance claim or a lawsuit – or file both.  Generally, injury victims start with an insurance claim because it is simpler to file and does not necessarily feel like something you need a lawyer’s help with.  However, insurance companies often have more expertise and experience when it comes to pedestrian accidents, and they may seek to shut down your claims early, deny fault, and deny you certain damages.

In order to get your damages paid at their full value, you should speak with a lawyer.  Our pedestrian accident attorneys can negotiate with the insurance company for you and attempt to get them to agree to an insurance settlement that covers your needs.  While these negotiations are underway, it might be beneficial to file a lawsuit as well.  With the pressure of a lawsuit looming, insurance companies might be more likely to settle than risk taking the case before a judge and jury.

If the case cannot be settled at a fair value that covers your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages, then going to trial might be your best option.  At trial, the jury and the judge will decide your case and determine how much your damages are worth.  However, if the facts are not in your favor, going to trial could be risky.  Speak with our pedestrian accident attorneys for help examining your options.

Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents in Potomac, MD

Pedestrians are injured in car crashes in many different ways.  For example, auto accidents of all kinds are often caused by speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving.  Tired driving also plays a part in many crashes, but speeding is by far one of the most common factors in all auto accidents.

Pedestrians are often hit in situations where the driver fails to properly pay attention to where pedestrians are, such as when speeding through traffic or driving down back roads.  Pedestrians can also be hit by drivers who simply refuse to follow the rules of the road and seek to cut off pedestrians in crosswalks or other legal crossing areas.

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