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Recovery Steps After a Maryland Limb Loss Accident

Suffering limb loss can be overwhelming for Maryland victims. If you’ve recently been in a catastrophic accident and lost a limb, it’s important to know what to do next so that you can recover the damages you deserve.

Immediately after losing a limb in a Maryland accident, go to the hospital and seek continued medical care. Inform the necessary parties, like your employer if your injuries are work-related, or the police. Next, limb loss accident victims should hire an attorney. Your lawyer can help you proceed with a lawsuit to recover damages against the parties responsible for your amputation. In Maryland, limb loss is considered a catastrophic injury. That means that, with the right attorney by their side, victims can recover substantial economic and non-economic in a lawsuit against a negligent party.

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What to Do After a Limb Loss Accident in Maryland

Losing a limb in an accident can profoundly impact your life. In order to give yourself the best chance at recovering the damages you deserve, it is important to know what to do immediately after losing a limb in an accident in Maryland.

Regardless of the circumstances of your limb loss accident, seek immediate medical attention. If you plan to sue the responsible party for compensation, it is vital that you get the proper medical care right away. It is also important to continue to seek medical care and maintain scheduled appointments with specialists and doctors during your recovery. These medical documents can be vital evidence in a Maryland lawsuit against a responsible party.

If your limb loss accident happened at work, you must inform your employer of your injuries as soon as possible. Your Maryland loss of limb attorney can help you inform the necessary parties of your injuries so that you can focus on recovering.

If your amputation occurred as the result of a car accident, call the police. Officers can create a police report that will be invaluable to your attorney when seeking damages from a responsible party.

Finally, it’s important that you hire a skilled Baltimore personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can fight on your behalf to recover sufficient damages against a responsible party, regardless of the circumstances of your accident.

Paths to Recovery After a Limb Loss Accident in Maryland

Generally speaking, the best way to recover sufficient damages after a limb loss accident in Maryland is to sue the party responsible. If you were injured at work or otherwise, filing a lawsuit against a negligent party can help you begin to heal and move on.

Workplace Accidents

Many work-related accidents result in limb loss. Sometimes, Workers’ Compensation rules require you to file your case through that program, and you might not be able to sue an employer for your injuries. However, certain exceptions may allow you to file a lawsuit instead. Speak with an experienced Ocean City personal injury lawyer for help determining how to file your case and what damages you might be entitled to.

Auto Accident Claims

Suppose your amputation was due to a negligent driver in a car accident or motorcycle accident. In that case, your attorney will help you file a lawsuit for compensation against the negligent driver that caused your injuries. In Maryland, the statute of limitations for such claims is three years from the date of injury.

Without a skilled attorney by their side, car accident victims who suffer amputation may be inclined to simply file an insurance claim with a negligent driver’s carrier. This can result in victims recovering insufficient damages and delaying their healing process. Generally, it’s best to hold a responsible party accountable in a lawsuit if you’ve experienced a loss of limb in an auto accident.

Other Personal Injury Claims

Many incidents can result in victims suffering a loss of limb. For example, slip and fall accidents and other premises liability incidents can lead to amputation. Even medical malpractice can result in limb loss. While filing an insurance claim might be an option in such cases, it is generally not the best route to take. Regardless of the circumstances of your incident, it’s often ideal to file a personal injury claim for compensatory damages against the negligent party responsible for your limb loss.

Damages You Can Recover in a Maryland Limb Loss Accident Lawsuit

In Maryland, limb loss is considered a catastrophic injury. That means victims may be able to recover substantial damages in a lawsuit against a responsible party. That being said, this isn’t guaranteed. So, it is important to hire a skilled attorney to help you recover the damages you deserve in a lawsuit.

Economic Damages

Catastrophic injury lawsuits are taken seriously in Maryland. Because of this, defendants found to be responsible for plaintiffs’ limb loss injuries can be liable for paying substantial damages. Victims who hire an experienced lawyer to represent their interests can recover economic damages that compensate them for all expenses relating to their injuries.

Because amputation is undoubtedly life-altering, economic damages often compensate for current future medical care relating to a victim’s injuries. If your loss of limb has caused you to be unable to maintain your job, defendants can also be responsible for paying current and future lost wages.

Non-Economic Damages

Catastrophic injuries, like loss of limb, can profoundly impact a victim’s mental health. Because of that, defendants found to be responsible for a victim’s injuries are often liable for non-economic damages. These damages attempt to compensate limb loss victims in Maryland for the emotional impact an accident has had on a victim’s life, like pain and suffering.

Non-economic damages are difficult to quantify. That being said, your experienced Aberdeen personal injury lawyer will work hard to illustrate the devastating effect an amputation accident has had on your life and prove your need for additional damages.

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