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Who is Liable in an Accident with a Self Driving Car in Maryland?

The future is here and we know Google is developing a self-driving car, along with other companies. it seems like a great idea, get in your car, push a button and off you go with no worries of paying attention to the road or surrounding traffic. it all sounds great, and it may be the standard feature and not an option in the future.

But what happens when that vehicle malfunctions and causes an accident that injures the passengers of the self-driving car or other driver and pedestrians?  Who is responsible for the accident and injuries. the driver of the self-driving car was not operating the vehicle. As they may be a likely responsible party, there may be many others that can be held responsible for the accident.

Who is Liable for a Self-Driving Car Accident?

That is a big concern in the legal field, how do we determine who was “at-fault” or liable for the accident. We all have computers and smart phones, and we have all had an experience of the computer or phone malfunctioning or a “glitch” in the operating system. When that occurs, we reset the phone and start over. But what happens when the self-driving car malfunctions at 65 m.p.h.? the damages could be catastrophic and fatal in the worst case scenario.

Google Self-Driving Cars

Who’s going to pay for the injuries sustained by the driver and passengers in the self-driving car? Who will be liable and who is going to pay the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering after a self-driving car accident? the Courts have yet to see a case of this nature, but it is our suspicion there would be multiple parties responsible for the accident and subsequent injuries.

One possible responsible party would be the manufacturer of the self-driving car. Or the developer or the manufacturer of the software that operates the vehicle. Or maybe the distributor of the vehicle.  There are countless options when it comes to liability, and that is why a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can be helpful in pursuing a claim for injuries caused in a self-driving car accident.

Take a Ride in a Google Self-Driving Car

Baltimore Self Driving Car Accident Attorney

How Do Autonomous Vehicles Work?

Software that processes the information that is present in the environment before the vehicle is one factor to consider when a self-driving car is operating. Reviewing information provided to date, we know there are lasers and the use of GPS to navigate the roadways, but what happens when the computer reads the information incorrectly.

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