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After motorcycle crashes take place in Severn, victims should identify if they have a case by consulting with our attorneys.

If you are hurt in a motorcycle crash in Severn, you will have three years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit. Our attorneys will file your claim after identifying the negligent party, which will most likely be another driver on the road. When filing, we must be prepared to prove your case with evidence, like your medical records and surveillance footage. While settlement negotiations might take place, that does not mean you have to settle your case for an unfair amount. We will carefully review all settlement offers from the defendant and help you decide whether or not you want to take your case to court in Severn.

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When to Sue for Your Motorcycle Accident in Severn, MD

As a victim, you have the right to sue anyone whose negligence caused your injuries and damages in Severn. This includes those hurt in accidents while riding their motorcycles.

Litigation can seem daunting to victims, convincing them that suing is an unnecessary and lengthy process. In reality, filing a lawsuit might be necessary if you are left with medical bills and other damages because of a motorcycle crash in Severn.

No injuries are too minor, especially when it comes to motorcycle crashes. Such accidents often result in serious injuries, including but not limited to traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, crushing injuries, broken bones, and more. Emergency medical care can be very expensive and so can long-term treatment for permanent injuries.

Maryland is a fault state for auto accidents, meaning victims of any collision, including motorcycle crashes, do not have to prove that their injuries meet a certain severity threshold to sue. The negligent party, and the negligent party alone, is liable for compensating you.

Once our motorcycle accident lawyers have confirmed that you have a solid case, we will file it within the statute of limitations, which is three years in Severn, according to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101. Missing the deadline will bar you from recovering damages in your case. Furthermore, waiting too long to file, even if you do so within the statute of limitations, might make proving certain aspects of your case, such as causation, even more challenging. Filing as soon as possible gives you the best chance of recovering compensation as soon as possible.

Who to Sue for Your Motorcycle Accident in Severn, MD

Because motorcycle accidents tend to be traumatic and chaotic, victims might not be sure who exactly is to blame for their injuries. Our attorneys can determine liability and proceed accordingly.

Often, in motorcycle accident cases, the passenger car driver, not the motorcyclist, is ultimately to blame. Unfortunately, drivers might be more likely to flee the scene of motorcycle accidents, especially because the likely damages will be expensive. If that is the case for you, our attorneys can review pertinent information, like security camera footage and eyewitness statements, to uncover the identity of the at-fault driver in Severn. Police reports also often contain information that can point in the direction of the negligent party.

When motorcycle accidents involve several vehicles, as they often do, our attorneys will review similar evidence to determine who among all the involved parties is ultimately at fault for the accident. It could be that several parties share fault, and, in that case, we can hold them all liable according to their level of negligence.

Since Maryland is a pure contributory fault state, it will be crucial to establish that you did not contribute to causing your injuries in any way. Otherwise, you will be completely barred from filing a lawsuit, even if the defendant successfully argues that you were slightly at fault for the crash in Severn. When building your case, we will aim to gather sufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof.

How to Sue for Your Motorcycle Accident in Severn, MD

Filing a lawsuit can be a complicated process in and of itself. Add on the fact that victims are recovering from serious injuries, and bringing a compensation claim can become even more challenging in Severn.

Our attorneys will start by filing your complaint with the court. In this complaint, we will include all pertinent information regarding the crash and the defendant’s negligence. As previously mentioned, such complaints can only be filed within the three-year window following motorcycle accidents.

Once you have filed your claim, the judge assigned to your case might encourage involved parties to engage in negotiations to see if settling without the need for trial is a viable option. The defendant might also want to settle out of court, especially if your damages are great.

While entertaining settlement negotiations for some time might be pertinent, it is important to identify when the defendant is dragging you along. For example, initial settlement offers are rarely appropriate, and defendants might hope that motorcycle injury victims in desperate need of compensation will accept an unfair offer. If you do this, you may not be able to claim additional damages in the future.

Because of that risk, our lawyers will carefully review all settlement offers that come in and advise you on whether or not they are fair. If settlement negotiations do not proceed as they should, we can move forward with a trial. This can give you the opportunity to present all of your evidence to the jury, which could result in greater damages, especially compensation for pain and suffering.

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