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Being injured in a car accident can leave you with expensive repercussions.  the accident might have caused property damage that you need repaired, such as repairs or total replacement of your vehicle.  the damage to your body may also be severe, with potential disabilities and permanent injuries requiring expensive medical care.  Lastly, the suffering and emotional anguish of your injury can be tough to bear and should be fairly compensated by the at-fault driver.

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Common Types of Car Crashes in Maryland

Many car accidents occur in the same types of ways.  These car accidents are often classified into types based on the cause of the crash, the layout of the road, and the typical way that courts and police determine who was at fault:

Rear-End Collisions

When one car rear-ends another, the accident is usually caused by the rear car.  the front car has no obligation to speed up when someone is tailgating them, but the car to the rear does have a requirement to give a safe following distance and keep back so that they have enough space to stop without hitting the car in front of them.  Typically, any incident where one car rear-ends another only occurs because the rear car was following too closely.  However, there are exceptions for instances where the front car “break-checks” the rear car or backs up into the other car.

Head-On Collisions

For two cars to collide head-on, at least one driver would need to be on the wrong side of the center line or traveling in the wrong direction entirely.  If a driver goes down a one-way street or enters the wrong direction on a highway, they could be putting others at serious risk, and they would likely share sole responsibility for any crashes this causes.  Other times, head-on collisions occur on two-way roads when a driver drifts across the center line or when they try to turn in front of oncoming traffic.  These mistakes would also make that driver at fault.

“T-Bone” Collisions

Drivers who run red lights or stop signs often end up involved in side-impact collisions.  These “T-bone” crashes are named as such because the cars form a T shape, with one car driving into the side of another.  You cannot immediately tell which car is at fault in these crashes like you can with a rear-end collisions, but you instead need to look at which car entered the intersection legally and at the right time.  If a driver runs a red light and crashes into cross traffic, that driver is at fault.  Similarly, if a driver runs a red light and another car crashes into them, the car that ran the red light is still at fault.  T-bone crashes can also occur when one car turns and strikes another on the side.

Sideswipe Accidents

Sometimes on the highway or on multi-lane roads, one driver will drift from one lane into another and sideswipe another car.  This may not cause much damage in the initial crash, but it could cause drivers to react by turning away sharply, potentially causing a secondary collision in response.  In many cases, the first driver to commit an error may be at fault, but the details of the case will determine fault.

Suing for Car Crash Injuries in Maryland

After the crash, you may face medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other harms that need compensation.  the other driver might carry insurance that can cover some of these costs, but their policy may have limitations that prevent it from paying the full value of your damages.  Talk to a lawyer about whether filing a lawsuit to seek full compensation for your damages is right for your situation.

The damages paid through insurance are limited to the damages the insurance policy covers.  In most cases, insurance will not pay damages for pain and suffering, so you may be unable to collect the full compensation you deserve.  Other policies may have limitations on death and funeral expenses, so filing an insurance claim might not cover enough compensation in a lawsuit for a deadly car crash.

To win your case in court, you must prove that the other driver was at fault.  If the other driver violated traffic laws or drove unsafely, you can typically prove they were at fault by pointing to laws against drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving, and other dangerous activities.  In most cases, the defendant will attempt to claim that you actually caused the crash, but your lawyer can help defend you against counterclaims like this.

At the end of the case, the jury will award you damages if they decide in your favor.  To get these damages, you must be able to prove the harms you faced by presenting medical bills, pay stubs, financial records, and other evidence of your damages.

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