Dr. Hugo Benalcazar

What to Do if You Were a Sexual Harassment Victim of Dr. Hugo Benalcazar

It has been reported that recently, Maryland neurosurgeon Dr. Hugo Benalcazar has been suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians for alleged sexual misconduct towards female patients and co-workers. If Dr. Benalcazar has sexually harassed you while you were a patient or colleague, you can seek compensation for emotional or physical damages.

Doctors are in a position of power and are entrusted by their patients and co-workers to protect and heal. For doctors to abuse that responsibility is considered a breach of care. A healthcare professional who has allegedly sexually harassed anyone can be held responsible in a civil lawsuit. Because doctors, like Dr. Benalcazar, have authority and are often revered, it can be difficult for survivors to come forward with abuse. However, doing so can help you receive justice for the wrongs done against you.

The compassionate Baltimore personal injury attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras are dedicated to serving survivors. Our team of experienced lawyers can represent you in a sexual harassment lawsuit against Dr. Benalcazar. For an immediate free and confidential consultation, call the sexual harassment attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras today at (410) 694-7291.

How an Attorney for Sexual Harassment Can Help the Victims of Dr. Hugo Benalcazar

After experiencing sexual harassment, survivors may be fearful of coming forward. That fear is only amplified when harassment is perpetrated by a person of authority or someone in your workplace. Doctors are often powerful people, so it can be overwhelming for victims to report sexual harassment. However, the right team of attorneys can represent your interests and attempt to alleviate the difficulty that often accompanies this type of lawsuit.

The first step is to consult with an attorney who cares. At Rice, Murtha & Psoras, our team has a track record of fighting for victim’s rights and attaining results. Our goal is for the alleged victims of Dr. Benalcazar to receive justice, whatever it takes. During that first consultation, the attorney’s responsibility is to make their potential client feel safe and comfortable enough to disclose their experience. Reliving sexual harassment can be traumatizing for survivors. the sexual harassment attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras understand that and thus prioritize creating a safe environment for survivors.

Coming forward with your experience of sexual harassment allegedly perpetrated by a medical professional like Dr. Benalcazar can feel isolating. Our attorneys encourage you to ask for support whenever you need it. Feel free to bring a loved one to your initial consultation or to any further meetings. the sexual assault attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras will aim to reinforce your support system each step of the way.

The right team of lawyers should keep you involved and up to date during each stage of litigation. Suing for sexual harassment is deeply personal and requires survivors to be vulnerable and open about their stories. Because of that, it is your attorney’s responsibility to protect your interests and keep you informed. After all, receiving justice for the wrongs done to you is the goal of any lawsuit. For sexual harassment cases, that is doubly true.

Finding an Attorney for Sexual Harassment Victims of Dr. Hugo Benalcazar

According to recent reports, Dr. Hugo Benalcazar’s license has been suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians after at least two complainants have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. Over the years, Dr. Benalcazar saw patients at his own health center in Maryland and four other hospitals in the state. He had access to innumerable female patients and co-workers throughout his time as a medical professional. As of now, the women who have come forward with sexual harassment claims are all former colleagues.

Following the complaints received by the Maryland Board of Physicians, an investigation began. During that time, according to the resulting report, the Maryland Board of Physicians interviewed nine other individuals who either corroborated the complainants’ claims or expanded upon them to illustrate additional examples of misconduct. At least 11 co-workers of Dr. Benalcazar have reported sexual misconduct or harassment instances. Some of the individuals interviewed mentioned instances where Dr. Benalcazar allegedly made sexual remarks, gestures, or acts towards female patients in the operating room. Many of the individuals interviewed note the discomfort female staff experienced while working with Dr. Benalcazar throughout his career.

Due to these allegations and after a thorough investigation, the Maryland Board of Physicians summarily suspended Dr. Benalcazar’s medical license. That does not mean that Dr. Benalcazar’s medical license has been or will be permanently revoked. the potential litigation Dr. Benalcazar may face will determine whether or not he will be able to practice medicine again.

If you have already reported alleged acts of sexual harassment by Dr. Benalcazar or are a victim that has yet to come forward, the attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras can help bring your case. Because the offender often delegitimizes sexual harassment, it is possible that only now do you realize its effect on your life. As a patient or co-worker of Dr. Benalcazar who has been sexually harassed, you have the right to seek justice.

If You Are a Victim of Dr. Hugo Benalcazar, Our Attorneys Can Help

If the news regarding Dr. Hugo Benalcazar has encouraged you to come forward about your experience with sexual harassment, speak with a Maryland personal injury attorney you can trust. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, call the sexual harassment attorneys at Rice, Murtha & Psoras today at (410) 694-7291.