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What Are Economic Damages in a Maryland Injury Lawsuit?

After an accident in Maryland, victims often face expensive medical bills and overwhelming lost wages. If another person’s negligence has impacted you physically and financially, you may be able to file an injury lawsuit and recover economic damages in Maryland.

In Maryland injury claims, economic damages can compensate victims for the financial impact a defendant’s actions have had on their lives. These damages often compensate victims for out-of-pocket expenses, like medical bills and lost wages. Economic damages are available in all injury claims where victims sustain economic losses due to another party’s negligence. To recover economic damages, victims must prove a defendant’s fault and provide proof of damages. In addition to economic damages, victims may recover non-economic and possibly punitive damages in an injury lawsuit.

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What Losses Can Economic Damages Cover in Maryland Injury Claims?

Economic damages, perhaps the most basic type of damages available to victims in injury claims, can compensate victims for financial losses. Understanding economic damages and their impact on your case is important if you plan on filing a personal injury lawsuit in Maryland.

In Maryland, economic damages can compensate victims for any financial losses incurred due to a defendant’s negligence. Each victim’s financial losses may differ, depending on the circumstances of an accident and the injuries or damages they sustained. The following are some common out-of-pocket expenses that economic damages can compensate for in an injury claim:

  • Childcare
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Disability accommodations
  • Household services
  • Lost income
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Travel expenses

Remember, the economic damages each victim recovers may compensate them for different expenses, depending on their specific losses. To better understand which losses you may recover economic damages for, speak to our Bethesda personal injury lawyers. Our attorneys can assess your losses to calculate the economic damages you deserve in a compensation claim.

Are Economic Damages Available in All Types of Maryland Injury Claims?

Whenever a victim sustains economic losses because of another party’s negligence, a victim can file a lawsuit to recover economic damages. This type of compensation is available in virtually all types of personal injury claims in Maryland.

If you are unsure whether or not you can file a lawsuit for economic damages in Maryland, ask our attorneys. Our Annapolis personal injury lawyers can help you file a compensation claim if you were financially impacted by another party’s negligence.

Essentially, any act of negligence on another party’s behalf that results in financial losses for you can warrant litigation. The following are some common personal injury claims in Maryland that often result in victims recovering economic damages:

  • Bicycle accident claims
  • Car accident claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Pedestrian accident claims
  • Product liability claims
  • Slip and fall accident claims

To recover economic damages in an injury lawsuit, victims often must sustain injuries that require medical treatment. Call our attorneys if you were injured and impacted financially by another person’s negligence. You may be able to recover economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit in Maryland.

How Do You Recover Economic Damages in an Injury Lawsuit in Maryland?

In order to recover economic damages in an injury lawsuit in Maryland, your attorney must do two things: prove that a defendant caused your injuries and prove that you suffered damages. Meeting these criteria is crucial to recover the economic damages you deserve.

Prove a Defendant’s Fault

Before victims can recover compensation of any kind, they must prove a defendant’s fault. To do this, our Towson personal injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case to uncover evidence of a defendant’s negligence.

Each personal injury claim is unique, meaning attorneys may use different evidence and tactics to prove a defendant’s fault. For example, the available evidence in a car accident claim may differ from that in a medical malpractice claim. Nevertheless, our attorneys will search for information such as incident reports, medical records, security camera footage, photographs, and eyewitness statements to prove a negligent party’s fault.

Provide Proof of Damages

The second piece of the puzzle in recovering economic damages is providing proof of damages. Economic damages compensate victims for losses. These losses are concrete, real losses that often leave a paper trail. Victims must provide records of their financial losses to recover economic damages in a lawsuit. That includes records of medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Our attorneys can help you keep careful track of your financial losses after an injury so that you can provide sufficient proof of damages in a Maryland injury lawsuit.

Are Economic Damages the Only Type of Compensation Maryland Victims Can Recover?

Economic damages are often the most important type of compensation for victims, as an accident’s financial impact can be severe. When faced with expensive medical bills and harmful lost wages, victims often desire immediate financial relief. While that is certainly understandable, it’s important for victims to know that economic damages aren’t the only type of compensation available to them in an injury claim in Maryland.

Recovering economic damages may be your primary focus as an injury victim. While our Rockville personal injury lawyers will strive to help you recover compensation for financial losses, we will also work hard to recover compensation for your emotional losses.

In addition to economic damages, victims may be able to recover non-economic damages in an injury lawsuit in Maryland. Unlike economic losses, emotional losses have no inherent financial value. Providing proof of damages may be more challenging in this case, as bills won’t suffice. To recover non-economic damages as well as economic damages, victims should have a skilled attorney by their side.

Though only available in specific situations, some injury victims in Maryland might be able to recover punitive damages as well. These damages are only available in cases of gross negligence, so ask your attorney how they might fit into your injury lawsuit.

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